Feb 10, 2014 | By: A Woman

Trying to be someone we are not - Day 448

Sometimes we look up to someone who is standing in a position of Authority and we would like to stand as this point ourselves. We would like to be this person ourselves. For most parts, it would come from a starting point of a desire to either be recognized or accepted by others but sometimes, it would be coming from a starting point of seeing one's true potential to stand within a particular point of authority.


Here, within the context of 'Potential' and 'Authority', it is imperative to define the word 'Authority' because the common use of the word 'Authority' is normally associated with Superiority and Control however, Authority, as a Living Expression of the word is when for instance one had Mastered a specific skill within oneself and therefore is now able to stand stable within a specific position and support others within/as a principle of that which is best for all Life.


For one to master and stand as a specific skill, one would walk a physical process and within that test one's skill in real time to ensure that what ever one faces, one is stable within and as oneself wherein one first establish Self-Authority within and as oneself in relationship to the skill that one is busy mastering within oneself. Slowly but surely, as one accumulate physical moments where one applied one's skill in real time, one would start standing as a point of Authority and thus be able to assist and support others in the same way that one had walk one's own process of mastering a skill within and as oneself.


Due to how the current system is built and structured, wherein Authority is a symbolism of Power and Fame, many would like to create themselves as someone who has Authority, without realizing what Authority as a living expression of oneself is; how Self-Authority is created; what is the responsibility of standing as an Authority; What is the Physical Process that is involved in mastering a specific skill; Now, when one is directing oneself from the starting  point of desire and does not consider all of these points, one would try to mimic the expression of others who are standing in a point of authority without actually Mastering the skills for/as themselves as a point of self-authority.


Often one would find that one is actually creating the exact opposite reality than what one had wished for, whereas, one would be rejected/ignored by others within one's attempt to support them because when the expression of oneself is not real, from the perspective of standing as something/someone that self hasn't yet established Self-Authority within and as oneself, others would pick it up as 'fake' if you will and may resist to one's presentation of 'Authority'.


Will share tangible examples within my next blog.


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