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Recreating our Potential - Day 449

This blog is a continuation to:  Trying to be someone we are not  - Day 448


Within the Desire to be someone that we are not, where we see someone in our reality/environment and we would want to be that person or have that which we perceive the other person have, we are only looking at the end result, looking at the absolute of what the other had become within and as oneself without considering the path that one had walked till one become  absolute as an expression of oneself.


As long as the Desire to become someone 'that we are not' is our driving force, we wouldn't walk the necessary process to recreate ourselves as the potential that we see in ourselves of standing in a position where we could utilize our true potential within the 'best for all' principle, but we would rather take a short cut and mimic the other's expression to try and present ourselves as someone that we are not.


This can manifest in so many levels so let's look at examples that would assist and support us to flag these points within ourselves to prevent further and/or future consequences:


Physical Fitness -

For instance, a few years ago I decided to start practicing Yoga after years of no physical workout. At that time, my body wasn't flexible, shaped or fit at all. Slowly but surely, with consistent practicing, my body started to align itself more, I was flexible, the muscles where strong and long and I could express myself with my body in ways that I never would imagine that I could. The problem began when I started losing lots of weight and I became thin for the first time in my life - here a desire kicked in and I shifted my starting point from Self Support to Self Sabotage where Yoga was no longer a point of physical support but physical destruction.


I didn't walk my process at that time so 'Self Honesty' was not yet part of my day to day living and so - with me shifting my starting point to become thin, I superimposed my "potential" onto the Yoga teacher and I made the decision that I must become my teacher. Obviously, I couldn't mimic the yoga teacher's expression because when it comes to the physical reality, one cannot become flexible and strong over night and one must in fact walk a process of training the body. I realized then that for me to become the yoga teacher, I must practice as much as he currently had, without considering the 30 years he had walked to become what he had physically become.


So I strained my body extremely and the consequence wasn't late to manifest - the pressure on my ankle was too sever and I develop inflammation in the ankle that forced me to stop practicing for a months. When I started again, I had to start from the beginning in terms of muscle building, flexibility and strength.


The point of this example was to show that initially, my starting point in practicing yoga was to support myself and the body but as soon as the body started to change in a way that I've defined as 'Positive', I started to abuse the point as I wanted to go to the absolute point without considering the path I must walk to slowly work with the body in a constructive way. I then saw the yoga teacher as the potential my body can become without considering the genetics, the physical compositions and the path the teacher had walk - I wanted everything here and now and as a result of my unaware decision, I sabotaged my physical body.


Here, the physical was standing as a support for me to realize that I must investigate very specifically the starting point of my actions; ensuring that I am not moving from a desire but rather take everything into consideration and walk a path to establish the potential that I see within myself in a constructive and supportive ways.

However, when we want to be someone that we are not where the physical body doesn't have a direct role, like with the Yoga example, the consequences may manifest only much later in a point where it would be too late to correct ourselves within our living application.


In the next blog, we will continue investigating more examples.


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