Feb 6, 2014 | By: A Woman

Comparison and Limitation of Self (The Solution) - Day 447

In the previous blog we were looking at a scenario of reacting, either internally or externally, to a decision that we have made, in comparison to a decision that another had made.

We have identified that the reactions is coming from a point of comparison that had led to a judgment that we have created towards ourselves and/or another. We also identified that the reaction indicates that there is unresolved issue within ourselves in relationship to the decision we originally made as for instance, to stand in a certain position within the world system.


Within this blog, we would have a look at solutions for when/as we react to another's decision in comparison to a decision we have made within ourselves to that we can transform the reaction to a point of empowerment and support for self and others.


Here it is fundamentally important to realize that a Judgment is all about misunderstanding and/or miscommunication.

I mean, when/as we compare another's decision to a decision that we have made previously inside ourselves, and we then judge another, either positively or negatively, we are basing the comparison and the judgment upon database of information that we carry within ourselves without any consideration of placing ourselves in the shoes of another, walking with another, but rather, placing ourselves in separation of another.

What is also imperative to realize here is that Judgment IS a reaction and as such, it is firstly to look and investigate self before projecting the judgment onto another.

So thus, the solution is within communication. Why? - Firstly, we reacted. That means that there is unresolved point within ourselves that we haven't yet investigated/considered/understood before. Now, communication can be either with oneself, within the point of self writing in assisting and supporting self to look at the dimensions one had previously missed. Secondly, within the realization that a judgment is equal to lack of understanding, it is suggested to communicate with the other, ask questions, really being 'here' and allow oneself to unconditionally Listen to the other as the other may considered point that we haven't considered before, that could be valid for our own individual process.


You see, we cannot compare another's decision to a decision we made within ourselves without having all the information because what is normally comes up in one's mind is a projection of the doubts/fears/uncertainties that we have in relation to the decision. Here, it is no longer about another's decision; it is about ourselves, about who we are in any given moment and if we are not stable within the decision that we have made, it is our responsibility to find out why is it that we haven't yet allocated our stability - what is it that we have missed, what is the nature of the doubt/insecurity/fear that we suppressed within ourselves.


So - if and when you make a decision, you want to be clear within yourself so that nothing is moving inside yourself in relation to a decision. Again, this is a point of self honesty. A suggestion here is to - when making any decision, to look at all the scenarios that the decision may lead you - you want to stand absolute in any of these scenarios. You will find that you'll have specific preference in how you envision the outflow of your decisions however, you must stand clear and stable if the outflow would not be in alignment to your preferences.

Then, walk your self forgiveness process to ensure that there no more doubts/fears/insecurities that would influence you later down the line and from there, move to your commitment statements to  write the path before you wherein you'll remain stable no matter what would come in your way.


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