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Recreating our Potential - Self Responsibility (Part 3) - Day 450

This blog is a continuation to:  Trying to be someone we are not  - Day 448, Recreating our Potential - Day 449 and Recreating our Potential - (Part 2) - Day 450


I was looking at another point today in relation to Self-Authority within the context of becoming the potential that we can be for instance, when one identifies oneself as being able to stand within a certain position in the world system, one must walk a physical space/time process to develop and establish the necessary skills to become a living expression of the potential that one had identified within oneself.


Within that, we discussed in the previous blog the importance of allocating one's starting point to ensure that one is directing oneself by principle and not by a self-interest desire to become someone that one is not, for the sake of the receiving the perceived benefits from standing within/as a specific position.


So when looking at one's starting point of standing within a specific position, one can also assist and support oneself with investigating the responsibilities that the specific position required to be fulfilled. Meaning - Often when we fantasize of being someone/something, we only look at the positive dimension according to our own eye's view and we neglect to look at the responsibilities involved when/as becoming that which we desire to be.


For example, let's say that we want to be a CEO of a successful company. And let's say that the starting point that we have established within ourselves is in alignment to the principle of that which is best for all. The next step that we must investigate and identify before we start our journey of establishing ourselves as a CEO of a successful company is to map out what the position of a CEO entails, what would be expected of us, what example we must live as, what we would have to give up, what are the boundaries cannot be crossed and so forth.


Here for instance, running a business and standing as a CEO of that business means that the Business comes first in so many levels - one must take care and consider the employees, the contractors, the managers, the suppliers, the clients and so forth. Within that, there is little time for self to indulge because there are many factors that are dependent on the CEO's effective functionality and without the CEO's effective application, the business would fall and all of the above entities will find themselves without a job.


Practical example would be - Let's say that currently, you are taking 1-2 months vacation every year because your current job environment allows you to do so. As a CEO of a successful company, it is unlikely that you would be able to indulge for 1-2 months as you are the one that is standing in the authority position that runs the entire operation and unless you make yourself available, the company would not be able to take off and be successful. One dimension within this scenario is - within the want/need/desire to stand within a position of Authority, you must realize your responsibilities and therefore, be willing to respect the position you placed yourself in and move yourself effectively within that which you do. So, when making the decision of standing in a specific position, you must investigate the required responsibilities and be absolutely clear on what you will have to do and you wouldn't be able to do within the position you are about to place yourself in.


The other dimension within this scenario would be your responsibilities towards your employees, suppliers, contractors and clients wherein, for example, imagine that each one of your suppliers, contractors or employees decide that they are taking a vacation of 1-2 months a year as you were the first to set the boundaries, where would your company go to when the stuff is not available to run it? Your example within the company would set the parameters of everything that is involved with your company and therefore, it would be again your responsibility to make sure that the parameter set by example are in alignment with the principle of that which is best for all.


Obviously here, I gave an extreme example to emphasize the point of realizing one's responsibilities when standing as a specific position and within that, to realize that standing within a specific position is not just the benefits that would manifest from standing in the position but also the responsibilities that comes with a specific position. When we move ourselves from the starting point of a desire for benefits/rewards, without considering the responsibilities involved, we would very quickly fall within ourselves and as a results, we would also take down others with us. Therefore, it is imperative to investigate all the dimensions when making a decision to fulfill one's true potential in ensuring that one is standing stable and clear within oneself and walking one's path to develop one's potential to the best of one's ability.


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Thanks for the reminder and nice example! :)

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Awesome Maya. Really enjoying this series, very supportive. Thanks.

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