Feb 15, 2014 | By: A Woman

Recreating our Potential (Part 2) - Day 450

This blog is a continuation to:  Trying to be someone we are not  - Day 448 and Recreating our Potential - Day 449.


In the previous blog, we had a look at how the desire to be someone that we are not, lead to physical consequences for instance, within the example of me straining my body, trying to superimpose my abilities to the Yoga Teacher abilities without considering the Physical body and the path I had to walk to constructively support the body.


From here, another dimension opened up which I will explain in this blog post:

What I found within the example that I shared was that I could only desire having the yoga teacher's physical abilities once I started practicing yoga myself which is when I could see the potential within myself. So I realized that when we want to be someone or something that we are not yet standing as, the desire is coming up because we can already see a spark of potential within ourselves standing as the point however, what we tend to miss is the practical 'How-To' support ourselves to stand as a specific point as an equal and one living expression of ourselves.


In other words, if I look at my own life, I never wanted/desired to be a gymnastic or opera singer because practically, I didn't see that I had the potential skills to stand as these points after I tested these expression in my early years. Same with for instance, I never had the desire to be an engineer or a pilot like my father and brother because practically, I didn't see the potential of me being extremely good in standing as either of these points. With Yoga, I could see the potential and from seeing the potential, the desire emerged.


What I am showing here is that the desire of being someone/something that we are not indicate a potential we see within ourselves which is a pretty cool point to become aware of however, if we don't see the potential within ourselves to stand as a specific point as an expression of ourselves, the desire will not be our directive principle.


That leads to the next point that I wanted to discuss here - when we want to express ourselves as a specific point, as we see the potential within ourselves to stand stable and effective as who we are, it is extremely important to first look at our starting point and clearly define the starting point within ourselves. If we don't do that, we would blindly follow our desires and would compromise ourselves and/or out environment but if we are clear and stable within our starting point wherein our starting point is aligned with the principle of that which is best for all life, we could be effective human being that utilize our true potential for the betterment of us all. 


For example, let's say that we see our potential to stand as a leader in this world - if there is any slight of desire to stand in the position for example, due to the perceived idea of all the benefits and rewards that we would receive as leaders, we won't stand as a supportive and constructive leaders as an expression of ourselves and accordingly, our leadership skills would be contaminated with our self interest. However, if our potential is genuine and our starting point is within the principle of that which is best for all life, than we must realize that we are working with a potential and to nurture a potential, we must walk a specific path, develop ourselves and our leadership skills till we stand as a leader as a natural expression of ourselves.


Within that context, mimicking another leader's expression would manifest consequences such as for instance, people would resist us and/or ignore us because they could sense that there is no substance within our expression and therefore, they would not trust us. However, if we slowly but surely first walk with ourselves, become self leaders as a proven application of ourselves, than we could expand our skills we have built within ourselves and stand as an example that is trustworthy.


That is in essence the realization that we must create our potential within a solid, trustworthy, genuine stance within ourselves, when/as we recognize a potential to stand as a specific point within ourselves and/or within the world system. A potential would remain only a potential unless we recreate ourselves as such through making a commitment to stand absolute in how we walk the path to develop our potential and transform it to a skill as an expression of ourselves.


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Awesome series here Maya. I find it very timely and of great support. Thanks.

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