Feb 5, 2014 | By: A Woman

Comparison and limitation of Self (The problem) - Day 446

Have you ever found yourself comparing your decision to decisions that other made? Have you ever validated or invalidated your decision in comparison to a decision another had made? Have you ever judged another for a decision they have made, in comparison to your life ? If you have - this blog is for you.


One of the things we do best is to compare and judge others. Seldom do we stop and look at the greater picture; rarely do we stop and clarify the point within ourselves; a judgment is made in a quantum moment within our mind and for most part, it feels so real that we tend to believe that the judgment is valid and from there we would either see ourselves as more than or less than the person whom we judged.


Within this blog, I would specifically look at the point of judging another, in comparison to a decision that the other had made where, one would try to diminish the other, both internally and/or externally within the attempt of convincing oneself that self is better than another within the polarity of 'I am Right' and 'You are Wrong'; What we would see is that secret can of worms lies underneath the comparison and judgment that one is trying to suppress within oneself.


So let's look at an example where we have made a decision to stand within a specific position within the world system but there is still doubts, insecurities and fears within us regarding the decision that we have made; We are walking the practical steps within the realm of the decision that we have made but now, a friend of us is standing in the face of  what seemingly seems to be a similar decision, of standing in a specific position within the world system only that our friend, at the end of the day, had made the decision to not stand within that specific position.


Here is where Self-Honesty comes in - if we reacted in anyway whatsoever to the fact that our friend did not make the same decision that we had previously made, it is an indication of an unresolved point within ourselves in relation to the decision that we had originally made. This means that the decision that we have made is not absolute and we are unclear within ourselves and therefore, a friction and conflict is created within us. The friction and conflict would lead us to one of many paths - for instance:

  • We would try to convince the friend that they have made the wrong decision.
  • We would stand back/give up on our initial decision and justify to ourselves that backing up/giving up on what we initially decided is valid because our friend knows better than we do.
  • We would perceive ourselves  as better than our friend and within that, diminish/limit our friend's decision/expression so that we could feel better about ourselves.

If we were clear and certain about our initial decision, nothing would have moved inside ourselves when another made a decision that is in misalignment to the decision we originally had made. Meaning, when one is making a clear decision within oneself - it doesn't matter what one is facing and/or what another is doing, one would remain so absolute and stable within one's decision. Thus, when a reaction to a decision that one had made is coming up, it is imperative that one would stop for a moment, allocate one's starting point, investigate and explore oneself to ensure realign one's starting point.


So, thus far we have looked at a reaction to a decision that we have made and in the next blog we would explore solutions as points to consider when investigating one's reactions within the starting point of assisting and supporting oneself to stand stable within oneself and one's world.




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