Jan 9, 2014 | By: A Woman

Gratefulness as a living word - Day 441

I was looking at the word Gratefulness lately and I have found that within the sounding of the word 'Grateful' a fascinating meaning lies. A meaning that seldom we actually apply in our lives; a meaning that  rarely we consider; a meaning that would change our lives as a whole if we cared enough to apply the physical principle of the word 'Gratefulness'.







Let's start with the dictionary definition of the word 'Gratefulness':


  1. warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received
  2. expressing or actuated by gratitude


The dictionary definition is quite accurate in terms of how the majority of us live the word 'Gratefulness' as a living expression of ourselves. In fact, definition number one says it all - the way most of us lives the word Grateful is when we receive benefits of some sort.

We feel Grateful when our self-interest is fulfilled and we were rewarded.


The second definition is how in essence we express our gratefulness and if we look in self honesty - when we are grateful for the benefits we received, we will express our gratitude because we were taught (programmed) as children to say 'Thank you' when someone gives us something. We were explained times after times that when someone gives us something, we must be grateful.


As children, we could also see the energies involved with the person that gave us something and thus we conditioned ourselves to say "Thank You" because we saw how the Positive Energy within the other being is activated and how this energy motivate them to continue to give us benefits/rewards. This Program that we installed inside ourselves as children is now running in the background unconsciously, as who we are, without us being aware of our own starting point when we express Gratefulness. It is hardly ever that we are genuine when we express 'Gratefulness' as an expression of ourselves.


Because! Gratefulness is not about expressing gratitude when we receive benefits - Gratefulness as a living word is an absolute expression within the understanding of who we are, what we are and why we are.


For a moment, play with the sounding of the word Gratefulness and I will expand on the point in my next blog.



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