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Stop, Breathe, Direct - Day 440

A few days ago, I was writing about the difference between Reaction and Response and I promised to share more examples for us to see how a small change in one's living application creates a big change in one's relationship to oneself and others.


So, within walking this point of correction, in terms of correcting my preprogram design whereas I had the tendency to quickly judge something or someone as a reaction within myself, to a living application of 'Direct seeing' the physical reality, the relationship that the physical reality based on and accordingly, response to that which is presented 'here' at any given moment as a living directive principle.


Obviously, it is very important to understand that getting to a point of 'direct seeing' isn't manifesting in one moment as a separate moment in time. It is a process that I'm busy walking where I accumulate moments of correction and slowly but surely, 'Directly See' will emerge as a living expression of myself.

Many may confuse the term 'Direct seeing' to 'Enlightenment' so here is to make it very clear -

One must realize, as I did, that there is no quick fix and that Enlightenment is a point that the spiritual people invented to avoid taking responsibility for our physical reality within the hope that in one moment they will change and everything will be peaceful and magnificent. No - this is not what direct seeing is all about - Direct seeing is a skill acquired by oneself through walking one process of correction on a Physical level, there is nothing special about it, in fact, it is quite normal if we really look at it. What is abnormal is the fact that we do not yet have direct seeing to that which is here on a physical level. Each one of us has the potential and the only thing that separate us from becoming the potential we can become is ourselves through the separate relationship we have created with our mind, the physical and ourselves.


After this little disclaimer (lol) I want to share here how I was able to assist and support myself today to move from Reaction to Response within one specific moment and how I commit myself to continue to support myself in perfecting such moments wherein I would move in a quantum moment to response as an expression of myself instead of allowing a moment of reaction to direct me. Let me explain -


As you know, in Desteni we work with the principle of cross referencing, double checking, aligning, cross referencing again and so forth. I was double checking that a point was applied by another because the projects we are working on always consists of multiple people collaborating and within each project, each one has a responsibility for a specific point however, we all stand as a cross reference point for one another. 

I was cross referencing today that a specific and new task was done to its completion and I found out that somewhere along the line, the point was not done. Within myself, I reacted and judged the other for not walking their responsibility effectively and within and through the reaction, I took the task on myself and directed it but again, as a reaction that I have experienced within myself and thus, it was not as a living expression of myself as a response. This type of reaction is within the nature of Control which is another point that I'm currently busy changing and correcting. (Also see - Can Life be Controlled - Day 416)


Then, I realized that I was reacting, as my physical body changed in terms of being more constricted and firm, I stopped, I breathed and I checked the information because whenever there is a point of judgment within myself, there is information that I didn't consider. Meaning - I could only judge that which I don't understand. I started tracing back the information, seeing that everything and everyone are on the same page, that all of us has the same information or access to the same information and so I found that the person that I was previously judging and reacting to, do not have access to the information that I had and therefore, practically and physically, the being couldn't apply their responsibility.


I realized that the fact that the being didn't realize that their responsibility was not applied was because from the get go, the being didn't have all the information and from that perspective, they didn't even know what is it that they are responsible for. This is the being point to investigate within themselves as to why they have accepted and allowed themselves to take a point without having all the information and making sure they are clear on what the responsibility practically implies however, if I would to only judge them and thus taking the responsibility from them, there is no way that I could see what was missed by all parties and accordingly, I would not be standing in a position of supporting myself nor them within it all; I would not be standing in a position where I could show them where they have missed the point of making sure the task is clear and applicable and within that, what the responsibility of this task practically implies.


Here, I showed to myself again that reacting and judging is counterproductive as it leaves the problem without any resolution where all the participants are limited in their ability to take their responsibilities back to ourselves and walk the practical correction/solution.

Thus, when I found the source of the problem, I could direct the point and ensure that the task is applied into perfection  and that was when I moved to response whereas I first identified the problem and then presented a solution, cross referenced with others that the solution is valid, applicable and effective so that all of us could move to correction within our physical living application of the responsibilities that we took on for ourselves.



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David said...

Dear A Woman,

I find your blog very unique and compelling. I discovered it looking for images for integrity and was inspired. While aging white men in the US are likely not your target audience, you never know who your thoughts will impact.

If you would invite a suggestion on how to make your blog more effective, I offer the following: Improve the grammatical editing of your writing. Small grammatical errors detract from your powerful personal message.This is not a judgement, for as I have stated, I find your energy and thought processes amazing. As an analogy, it is like looking at a fine painting in poor light. What is the point? Get some help if you need it, but let your light shine.

A Woman said...

Thank you for the feedback.
Understand that English is not my mother tongue and since the structure of the English Language is completely different than the Hebrew Language, i haven't yet mastered the English language although, i am pushing myself to perfect my English.

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