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Dependency, Independency, Interdependency and Gratefulness - Day 442

This is a continuation to my previous blog - Gratefulness as a living word - Day 441 where I discussed the word 'grateful' as how we currently live the word as a living expression of ourselves.

Within this blog, I will have a look at the 'Sounding' of the word 'Gratefulness' as a step to see what 'Gratefulness' as a Principle of Oneness and Equality, as an absolute living expression of ourselves really is.


Sounding of the word Gratefulness: Grate-Full-Ness.

Grate:  to reduce to small shreds by rubbing against a rough or sharp perforated surface | To annoy.

Full: Complete; entire

Ness: indicating state, condition, or quality.


In the way the word 'Gratefulness' is currently spelled - it is how we are currently living the word 'gratefulness' as a living expression of ourselves wherein, we are walking as grated (separated) human beings that moves in Fulfillment of our own self-interested (state/condition). If you read my previous blog you would see how within the context of the sounding of the word, there is alignment in how we currently live the word 'gratefulness'.


The fascinating thing is that in the sounding of the word, lies a gift, a potential: Great-Full-Ness.

Let me explain the difference:


What we haven't yet understood is that at the moment, we live the word 'Gratefulness' in a narrow and limited expression where our gratefulness is dependent on another giving us benefits or rewards while Independency in relation to gratefulness seldom exists within oneself. 'Gratefulness' as a living word is unconditional to whomsoever is rewarding us in some way or another because within that, what we have missed is the Dependency, Independency and Interdependency within our relationships with ourselves and others. Thus to understand 'Gratefulness', we must first understand the relationship between   Dependency, Independency and Interdependency as within this relationship the word 'Gratefulness' as a living expression actually exists.


So, we will get to the sounding of the word 'Gratefulness' in a moment - first let's define in a nutshell what  Dependency, Independency and Interdependency is:


Independency - How one walk one's process alone because essentially, each one is alone within one's own mind, in what we accept and allow within ourselves. Gratefulness within that context would be one's gratefulness towards oneself for assisting and supporting self in any given moment in stepping out of one's mind and stepping into a physical correction in one's living application within the principle of Oneness and Equality. In other words, Gratefulness is linked/conditioned to a principle of Oneness and Equality rather than any specific rewards and/or benefits we get from something or someone as a point of self interest.


Dependency - How we are dependent on another within our own independent processes in terms of the other standing as the catalyst, the trigger that activates a point within ourselves that we must correct and align for/as ourselves. From that perspective, this is mostly where frictions and conflicts occur within our relationships to others but the problem is that we tend to take the other personally and perpetuate the conflict/friction with another instead of being grateful for the window of opportunity that had opened up in the friction/conflict when one is taking responsibility for one's independent process and accordingly face the point, investigate, align and correct within oneself.


Interdependency - How we then communicate and share with others our Independent process. Here interdependent process contain 2 fundamental dimensions:

  1. In one's relationships to others in their direct environment: As was explained in the 'Dependent' Process where the other is standing as the catalyst/trigger for one's own independent process - sharing and discussing the points with the other from the starting point of taking self responsibility for one's participation in one's reaction/conflict/friction would assist and support the individuals in their relationship with one another in empowering and strengthening one another in one's independent process.
  2. In one's relationship to others in the world: As one walk one's independent and dependent process and accordingly share one's realizations, solutions and practical physical consideration through the media of the global mind (internet), one is assisting and supporting others in the world in their independent process.

Here, Gratefulness exists within the opportunity we each have to assist and support ourselves in our independent process through the examples the others are sharing as this gives us the opportunity to investigate the point for ourselves and if necessary align, correct and change.


Will continue in my next blog






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