Sep 17, 2013 | By: A Woman

Learning to Accept myself - Practical Application (Part 3) Day 413

Within my process of walking self acceptance, I've realized how I have separated myself from everything of me that I judged, and within that judgment, I couldn't practically change because I didn't accept that which I've judged as a part of who I have become. I tried to resist it, not realizing that I'm resisting myself; I've tried to suppress it, not realizing that I'm suppressing myself; I've tried to ignore it, not realizing that within that ignorance, there is no space for real change.


Walking Self Acceptance practically implies that I must transform every single point of self judgment to a point of change and to do so, I must first accept that this point that I'm judging, is me and because it is me, I have the power to change myself within the principle of investigate all things and keep that which is best for all.

Here, one must realize that it is not just working with the negative judgment of ourselves, it is also to investigate the positive judgment we have of ourselves and see, in self honesty, whether the positive judgment stands as/by the principle of that which is best for all.


Within self acceptance, we can quantumize our processes from the perspective of, once we accept that which we judge about ourselves, unconditionally, within the realization that this is 'who I am', even if we don't like what we see within ourselves, it is sill who we are. however, it doesn't mean that we should continue to accept and allow ourselves to remain enslaved to who we have become; this is where self forgiveness within self honesty becomes real and self forgiveness can genuinely applied within an absolute decision to change and become a being that is actually trustworthy. 


What I am finding is that once the point of acceptance in relation to even the slightest point I've judged myself, stability exists. Meaning - once I transform the self- judgment into a point of self investigation through accepting that this is who I have been thus far in relation to this slightest point, I create stability within and as me through which I can support myself to unconditionally investigate the point, be honest with myself, forgive myself and make self commitment to change in a physical and practical manner. In doing so, the resistances to open up a point is no longer the directive principle because how can I resist to something that I've consciously accepted as myself within the understanding that through accepting myself, I can practically change within the principle of investigating all things and keep that which is best for all.


So, when self judgment comes up, and it doesn't matter what is the source of the judgment, whether it be because we completely fucked up something, whether we made a huge mistake, whether we regret it, whether we blame ourselves - none of that is valid - what is valid is to accept that we fucked up something and made a mistake and within that acceptance investigate how could we have possibly done things differently, how could have we prevented the consequences,  how can we ensure that we won't repeat the same mistake again, what can we learn about ourselves; and from investigating the point, find solutions and commit ourselves to walk the solutions as a living expression of ourselves.


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