Jul 6, 2013 | By: A Woman

Emotion Driven Parents - Day 396

I get to observe interesting points while visiting my birth country and today I was a witness to a manipulative consumerized behaviour that is simply unacceptable and without effective parenting awareness, consequences that could have been prevented, are awaiting to burst.


So the story is as follows:

When young children (in the ages of 2-6 years old) go to a theatre show, and in this specific case it was Peter Pan, at the end of the show, right as the kids go through the exit door, a sale stand is there, provoking the kids to buy a toy that is related to the show they have just seen. With Peter Pan, it was swords that are not only very expansive but also, very dangerous from the perspective of their shape, the material it made from and its size. In fact, young children who do not yet have an effective assessment to their own power, without effective training as to how to use this sword, the consequences are immediate.

Now, if you have 2 children that both get these swords, you can imagine how fast one will get hurt and especially, when the kids are tired after 2 hours show where they didn't eat or sleep as they would have had if they were elsewhere due to the hours the show is running which is normally the hour that children are taking their noon nap.


The other problem in allowing these stand to sell products that may harm the children, is the manipulative way through which the sells people turn to the children and that in itself leaves no space for the parents to make a decision that is best for the child because once one parent buy it for their kid, a chain start and suddenly, all parents feel pressured to buy the product too because otherwise, they would feel as if they are bad parents. That means that the decision to purchase the product wasn't done from the principle of what is best for my child and in the sword case, also to other children, but the decision is made according to how would others and my children would define me if I won't play along and purchase the product that I know isn't best for my child. That means that the value the parents is basing their decision is one's own self interest as to how would others see me instead of the value being the value of life that is best for all.


So parents really - it is time to stop following the consemuerized behaviour and within that, to stop moving and directing yourself according to what is best for you as your Ego and self definition but rather according to what is best for the child and all children as a whole.


Understand that this sheep behaviour won't assist and support your child but rather transform the child to behave exactly the same way Emotion driven that is harmful, disrespectful and dishonour of life.




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