Jul 8, 2013 | By: A Woman

The Bully Project - Day 397



We send our children to school with trust that the system will take care of them, protect them, support them and be the pillar they required for the child's effective development. The thing is - we know by now that we can no longer trust the system to take care of our children and yet, we let our children down with our lack of responsibility in creating and accepting a system that do not stand by the value it should serve - the Value of Dignity, Harmony, Protection, Support and Respect.


The Bully Project documentary is a fraction of what is really going on within the Child's experiences at schools. It doesn't matter if your child is one of the most popular kids at school, or if your child is the weirdo that no one wants to play with - All children nowadays are exposed to abuse either done to them or by them. I do not know anyone that at some point wasn't part in abusive act or have been exposed to abuse done to them by their peers and yet - even though we know what we have done in our schooling years and we know what was done to us, we do not do everything possible to correct the patterns and prevent experiences that should never be experienced by anyone.


What happened to us? Why can we not see that this abusive system is a reflection of what we accept and allow within ourselves, our lives and our children's life? Why are we accepting and allowing a system that support abusive behaviours towards our children? Where did our children learn this destructive behaviour if not from us, those who suppose to be the ones that stand as an example for our children?


You see, the consequences are already here and some of the consequences cannot be fixed at this stage but it can be prevented from now on with effective parenting support; It can be prevented if us parents will fill our duty of being the ones responsible for the children in all facets; It can be prevented if us parents stand up and firstly, take responsibility for what we are accepting and allowing to exists within our minds that is then thus projected as the value system the children will pick up and become as the duplicated copy of ourselves. 


Understand that your children sees you as a role model and if you are not standing as what is best for all as role model, you cannot expect your child to be effective in this world, to succeed, to become a better human being. We can not expect the children to be something we cannot be ourselves.

So, a decision must be made - will you allow random events to shape the future of your children or will you take a stand and do everything possible to first make sure that you are the best example you can be and accordingly, educate your child to be a being that is walking only through the principle of that which is best for all lives?


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