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Parents are the KEY - Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Review - Day 382

This is a continuation to the blog Series review about Jamie Oliver's TV series - Food Revolution.

Thus, if you haven't already, I suggest watching Jamie Oliver's TV series - Food Revolution and read through the blog series where the question: Who is Responsible for our Children's Education? is asked.


Within this blog I will be focusing on the second problem that I've identify when watching the Food Revolution series - Ignorance of Parents with regarding the Nutrition Value of the food their children eat.


Not so surprising, Jamie Oliver encounter great resistance when presenting his food revolution. There is a very simple explanation for the resistance - FEAR. Fear to find out that we are actually accountable for the decisions we make and to the consequences to follow these decisions however, being aware of the problem and the consequences normally lead one to great emotions of Guilt which instead of facing what one have accepted and allowed and from there, moving to the correction process, one is possessing oneself with a future projection of guilt and therefore, one would prefer to ignore/deny the problem instead of facing, correcting and make a change. It is actually quiet interesting - we all know deep down who we have become, what we accept and allow and what we would not and despite of knowing that we have made some bad decisions, we would rather continue making these same decisions over and over again but in no way would be willing to admit that we have made some wrong decisions because then we would feel guilty about it. we also know that change isn't as easy as we would like it to be and we will have to work hard for a change to manifest and if there is anything we don't like doing is working hard, be persistent and devoted to make a change - we would rather avoid it now and face the consequences later; only later sometimes is too far gone that the only thing that one would face is one's own death.


Ok, back to the point - When Jamie was looking for ways to raise the awareness and receive support for his plan of making the citizens of the town healthier, he decided that he must group the parents together as they are the force that would make things happen if only they understand what they are really allowing their children to eat while being in the supervision of school. He gathered the parents in the school yard and it turns out that the parents were extremely ignorant about the nutrition value of the food their children are eating and so, Jamie showed them and made it presented in such a way that the parents could visually see for them the extent of the problem. So the parents jumped in and decided to support Jamie with his mission and accordingly, Jamie got the school permission to continue his revolutionary plans in the school.


As I've mentioned in many blogs before, there is no doubt that parenting doesn't comes with a training manual to assist the parent to be an effective trainer for their children however, from my perspective, parents can no longer play the ignorant card. If you have a child and you want the best for your child then invest your time in doing research! Investigate all things and allow your child only that which is good for them.


I mean seriously, didn't you know that eating junk food for breakfast and lunch isn't good for your child's body? Did you really needed Jamie to show you what your children are eating at school? When your child came home and you asked him what did they eat at school for breakfast and they told you they ate Pizza, no alarm went on inside of you? I'm sure it has and yet, you didn't do anything about it because you felt so powerless right?

So parents, realize that you are in fact powerless as an individual but you are very powerful when you gather in a group and you can make a change if you work together. From the smallest to the greater - if we all gather together and stand up for a change that is best for all in this entire world, we will become a powerful group that can make things happen. Look at Bolivia as an example - the minority started to slowly but surely gather together until they were big and powerful enough to make a change on a political level. We must stop resist our fears but rather face them and move on to the correction process so that our children and the generation to come would in fact have the basic foundation to grow from.


So if you as a parent understand the problem and can see the solution that we present within the Equal Money System, wouldn't you join the movement to ensure your child health, success, opportunity and dignity in their life? Remember to investigate all things because ignorance is no longer a bliss, it comes with consequences and your children will be the one who would face the consequences that follow your bad decisions. Stop that now, stand up, research, investigate and make a change.


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