Jun 8, 2013 | By: A Woman

The Consequences of our eating habits - Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Review - Day 383

This is a continuation to the blog Series review about Jamie Oliver's TV series - Food Revolution.

Thus, if you haven't already, I suggest watching Jamie Oliver's TV series - Food Revolution and read through the blog series where the question: Who is Responsible for our Children's Education? is asked.


Within this blog I will be focusing on the third problem that I've identified when watching the Food Revolution series - Lack of understanding the consequences of our eating habits.


2/3 of the Americans are overweighed or obese (http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/overwt.htm) - even though the consequences are visible to say the least, the awareness, the problem and the solution are no where to be seen. If you walk through the path of money, one thing is certain, you will find the answer, you will see the problem and you'll see exactly what needs to be done to not only sort out the problem but also, preventing it from reoccurring however, it appears that we prefer to ignor the problem and continue our destructive lives.

From the Elite's perspective, having the majority of the Americans ignorant is the Elite's bliss because they can continue making money by killing the citizens slowly but surely - I mean, think of it - the money that is spent on fast food/junk food and the money that is spent when treating the consequences is pure profit for the elite. In fact, having healthy people would reduce the Elite's profit and therefore, you cannot expect that the solution will come for far above.


What doesn't make sense to me is the parents common statements that they want the best for their child without realizing that with the food they feed their children, they are killing them and ensuring a shorter life span. However, here, we cannot even blame the parents for being ignorant because the system have deliberately created ignorant people who are unable to think for themselves and develop reasoning thinking. So you see, the problem is sever because those that can stand up for a change and take their responsibility where trained by the system to be sheep instead of self leaders and yet, the ones who give the power for the continuation of educating generations of sheep is the same people who were trained to be ignorant sheep - the people, you and me - we are the ones who votes for our leaders to continue training us to believe we are powerless, inferior and with no skills to even think for ourselves. Watch the Century of the Self and College conspiracy to understand what we have become.


This is why we now have epidemic disease called obesity; and it is getting worse despite of us seeing the premature death of the people around us due to obesity, heart problems, diabetes - all related to the food we eat, we do nothing to change our eating habits because habits, once becoming habits, are difficult to change for someone who have forced themselves to believe they are powerless to make a change for themselves.


So, it is not that we do not understand the consequences, we do, we see it all over. It is that we have accepted and allowed our own self defeat and we literally gave up on ourselves, our lives and the life of our children.

It seems to me that we are waiting for the consequences to get much worse before we act however, as I see it, by the time the consequences would get to a point that would force us to act, it would be already too late.

So, will we stand back and wait or will we act now and prevent that which is still in a preventable stage before it becomes too late? Investigate the Equal Money and the Equal Life foundation and support your children to live where your words and practical actions becomes ONE: "I want what is best for my child" = Ensuring in a practical and physical manner that your child and all other children will actually have the best.




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