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Jamie Oliver - Food Revolution - Day 381

If you haven't already, I suggest watching Jamie Oliver's TV series - Food Revolution.

This blog is a continuation to the blog series where the question: Who is Responsible for our Children's Education? is asked.


In Jamie Oliver's TV series - Food Revolution Episode 2, there are a few dimensions we should be concern off:

1. Lack of understanding the consequences of our eating habit.

2. Lack of Vocabulary of Children at the age of 6 years.

3. Dysfunctional Governmental Food and Health Department

4. Ignorance of Parents with regarding the Nutrition Value of the food their children eat.

5. Group Mentality and the consequences of Bullying.


These are just some of the underlying points that I've seen thus far from watching Episode 1-2.


Within this blog, I would be focusing on the problem Number 2 - Lack of Vocabulary of children at the age of 6 years.

When Jamie Oliver went to investigate the children's awareness of a simple things as Vegetables, he found out that the majority, if not all children, couldn't recognized the vegetables he presented to them however, they all knew what Chips or what Ketchup sauce are and of course, what Hamburger is. This is a concerning problem because while all children knew what Ketchup is, none of them knew what a tomato is or how a tomato looks like even when they have seen the tomato in front of their eyes. This was also the case with the chips - they all knew what chips is but couldn't recognize a potato.


Now, let me remind you again, these are no age 1-3 children, these are 6 years old children, first grade children that couldn't recognize the basic raw material that all of us eat on a daily basis. These are not poor children that have never had access to raw material such as vegetables, these are middle class children that are not educated in the basic life skills of words. It is no wonder that they didn't want to eat vegetable in their raw form and preferred eating pizza - their eating habits is already corrupted and to correct the problem, a massive education process must be conducted - both to the children, parents and educators.


The solution isn't as simple because we are dealing here with generations of brainwashing and physical programming that was initiated and forced by the Elite in this world through political intervention. I mean, the school budget, the food regulation, consumption and menus are all part of the Governmental guidelines despite of the physical evidence that the food the children are eating at school is killing them slowly but surely.


The solution therefore start with self education - to actually care about our children and investigate the food we are feeding them. that means that the parents must budget their time to prepare food that support their children's physical body and stand as their example - the parents too must change their eating habits because after all, it is the parents who were brainwashing their children in developing ineffective eating habits.

From here, we expand our care on a global scale and stand up together to change to political force to a force that support Life instead of a force that support the life of a few through money, power and greed.

It is time that we take responsibility for our reality within the understanding that what we see, what is here, is what we have created through our acceptances and allowances.


Obviously, the reward is extra ordinary - healthy and conscious society would reduce the diseases in this world, will ensure the well being of our children and will prolong our life span.

We all say we love our children and we want the best for them - well, that start with making sure that their physical body would be supported, taken cared for and regarded. Having dysfunctional body wouldn't be in alignment to your statement that you want the best for your child would it? So - take responsibility for your child, find out what the children are being fed at school and make a stand of what would you accept and allow and what would you not.


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