May 31, 2013 | By: A Woman

Crying children apparently entertain us - Day 377


imageApparently, our society enjoy the suffer of others; Billions of children are crying everyday from overwhelming suffering - whether it is Mental or Physical stress - Kids are crying and we do not give a damn but quite to the contrary - we even pay money to watch it on the TV.


Throughout the week, the news covered Arisxandra Libantino, 11 years old girl from a poor family who burst in tears to the fact that she was chosen for the semi final. These tears are accumulated effect of desperate family who pressure the child to win then out of poverty. The news says that Arisxandra will not be able to cope in case she lose as the psychological pressure she is under is severe.


In our twisted society, where we require entertainment to exercise the act of give as you would like to receive, we are accepting and allowing traumatic experiences onto children. Here is a child that carries the family's economic pressure on her shoulders instead of living in an honourable world where no one starve, no one need to survive and thus for instance singing is a pleasant experience that one does in enjoyment rather it being economic pressure as one's starting point. 


Then we go and justify for ourselves that the child wanted to participate in the show, that it was her free will however, I would agree with Sir Bruce Forsyth who express the following:


"You can see that many of the adult performers find the experience traumatic, so what sort of emotional damage could it be doing to children who, for the most part, are only there because of the ambition of their parents and teachers?"



But - We as a Robotic society that strives for entertainment, cannot see the psychological problems we are directly responsible for and the even bigger problem is that we accept it - we accept the suffering of children to exists in this world without even realizing that we are the one who are accountable for every child that is currently starving as we are the one who created the world system to function as it is - a world system that put mental and physical stress on many children that are out there.


And you know - the press is making a buzz about Arisxandra Libantino but within this there is a double standard because the truth is - she is not alone in this and we only hear about it because really - it benefit the corporations that earn PROFIT from TV show such as Britain’s Got Talent but what we don't hear is the cry of so many children because their voice don't count - their voice won't bring money to anyone within this world system and that is why they are being disregarded because they are not effective money maker machines.


206483_177126685671381_175698322480884_477170_6257640_nSo here I stand, as the voice of these children, letting you know that they too cry for your attention, that they also need our support, that they too need someone to take care of them and that they are our responsibility.

The double standard here isn't acceptable - we must take care of all children in this world as if they were our own because after all - we are in this world together.

Let's walk a solution that would prevent the problems that our children face on a daily basis - let's stop using children for our self interest  entertainment and let's stop ignoring the children that are not normally being heard. Let's walk the principle of do to another that which you would like to be done to you and I'm sure that neither of you would have liked to live in a life where you are facing mental and physical constrains and stress on a daily basis wouldn't you?


Join us - Equal Money - the HOME of Exercising Human Rights.


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