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How a group can become a political force - Day 378

Many that hear about the Equal Money System, their first reaction is "it will never work" and then to justify it for themselves even more they indicate that we are wasting our time and that instead, we should join the street protest and actually raise our voice instead of using our time in counterproductive things like writing, researching and developing the movement of the Equal Money System.

This blog is thus for these people that claim that we are wasting our time and resources on the internet instead of joining the protests and showing that we actually doing something physically:


So firstly, I would like to bring to the table an interview that was done with Noam Chomsky on 2009:


“Falcone: Do you think that there's a connection to the American students' idea that they can bring about social change through quick protests then when you give lectures and people ask you well, what can I do? And then you tell the audience, well, I go to developing sectors of the world and they don't ask what to do. They tell me what they're doing.


Chomsky: And it's a long-term thing. You don't do it in a minute. Also, it takes a, Bolivia which is maybe the most inspiring democracy in the world today, the most repressed, that's not the way it's described here, but just think what happened. The most repressed part of the population is the indigenous population here. Most of them were exterminated, so the question doesn't come up. But in Bolivia they are majority and, you know, forever the country's been run by small Europeanized elites, mostly white Europeanized elites. Well, you know, they now, in 2005 they were organized enough to enter into the political arena and elect someone from their own ranks on programs that they had advocated and he follows. Okay. That's democracy - but it didn't happen on Election Day – they were organizing and struggling about it for years.

Actually, five years before, they succeeded in throwing out the World Bank and DeKalb, the American corporations and the French corporations who were trying to privatize water. In an academic economic seminar you can probably prove a theorem saying, you know, it works better if it's privatized. And, of course, there's a small flip note: a lot of the population can't pay for it. Well, you know, you can't have perfection. But they wanted to be able to drink water, so they threw out the World Bank and the corporation and they prevented the privatization of water - not so simple. A lot of people were killed and so on. And it's a long continuing struggle. I mean, Election Day was just one day in the midst of an ongoing struggle and if the government is not doing what you want, you know, you throw them out, you do it in some other way. Well, that requires, you know, a memory; it requires, you know, you have to know what struggle is.”

Source <http://www.truth-out.org/speakout/item/16703-democracy-and-education-in-the-21st-century-part-1-dan>


What is quoted here is just a small fraction of a fascinating interview that I implore all of you to read but the point that I would like to emphasize within this blog is how the power of the group, the power of the majority can become a force that has the power to change the world and in essence, this is what the Equal Money System is all about - Investigating all things and keep that which is best for all and accordingly, we walk the change that is necessary, all of us together, becoming the majority with the power to change through political and democratic ways.

The funny thing is that our struggle, "our" meaning - those who are busy walking and moving the Equal Money into a practical application, is not a physical struggle as was experienced in Bolivia for instance. All the participants within the Equal Money System have more or less secured Life where we are able to survive in this world from the perspective that our basic needs for survival are met. However, we are struggling from the perspective of having to deal with objections and resistances people face and within that, debunking time after time the excuses and justification for why the Equal Money seemingly cannot work instead of moving faster into the practical application once we all stand together, as the majority and make our voice politically heard.


“For example, I don't remember the exact figures, but a pretty substantial part of the population, you know, like maybe a third or some more think that the Bush administration had some responsibility for 9/11. That's a pretty striking fact. I mean, here is a big part of the population thinking the government is a gang of mass murderers who are trying to kill Americans. And do they do anything about it? I mean, does it even occur to them to do anything about it? You know, like do they even march on Washington and storm the White House and take the guys out?

So, we're run by a bunch of mass murderers who want to kill us all. Let's go onto the next television program. You know, that's, I mean, this sense of a kind of infancy: I can't do anything; it's all out there; I'm just a victim,. It is a pretty striking victory of the strongly anti-democratic forces that essentially run things.”

Source <http://www.truth-out.org/speakout/item/16703-democracy-and-education-in-the-21st-century-part-1-dan>


So - it was already proven that when the majority stand together and walk in a Political and Democratic ways, a change is possible. It was also Proven that we have been accepting and allowing ourselves to be brainwashed by those who are currently in the position of power and control (for more context, please watch the documentary: the Century of the Self) and it has also been proven that we do not see ourselves adequate to walk this kind of change and therefore, we distract ourselves with entertainment and focusing on the meaningless and irrelevant things.


Thus, the next time an objection or a resistance to the Equal Money movement comes up within yourself, note that it is only there because you require to expand the way you look at things and further investigate all things. You know, Every sales person will tell you that an objection is never a 'No' but rather the client indicating that they need to kNOw.


Let's have it done; let's stand together and establish a world wide political movements, the Equal Money and Life movements that would play a role in the History of existence; a movement that would change the world to a world that is dignified, respectful and honourable for all. Fair enough?


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