May 29, 2013 | By: A Woman

We are SOOOOO blind - Day 376

Lately I hear more and more about Celebrities that earn a fortune from hosting television shows or for their participation in TV series or movies. I was looking at this point today and suddenly it hit me - we are soooo stupid and blinded human beings. 


For a celebrity to earn so much money, there must be sufficient income from producing the TV show, TV series or Movie but the question is - where all this money comes from?

As you know, every few minutes, we are exposed to TV commercials where we are being brainwashed to buy the next best thing. We then go to the market and without even realizing, we buy the advertised product, believing we made a free choice while all along, didn't even conceptualized that we have been exposed to brilliant brainwash all this time.


So, we go and buy meaningless products that we don't even need and that gives us a momentary satisfaction and it gives the celebrity indirectly their enormous sum of money by our irrational consumerism addiction and seemingly, everyone are happy.

Now, let's look at the point from another view:

We have become addicted to entertainment and consumerism which serves the Elite in this world because so long as we are addicted, the Elite can make Money. For example: a celebrity that is earning 1,000,000 USD for ONE TV episode - that in itself indicating that we, the entertainment sheep, spends enough money on products to keep that ball rolling. It also means that the turnover was much greater than 1,000,000 USD since there are others who are involved in the production and would are paid a monthly salary.


But there is something really wrong in this equation and what is wrong is the value system that this equation is based on. The equation functions according to the principle of give and receive instead of give as you would like to receive and here is a fundamental difference.

Within the current scenario - we give money and we receive entertainment. Accordingly, the celebrity give entertainment and receives money. we then justify for ourselves that this equation is acceptable and in the mean time, the majority of the world do not have access to participate in this equation because no one made sure that what we would like to receive will be given to all equally. In this scenario, the value system is based on one's self interest as everyone who participate within that equation, only care for their own desires/wants/needs which can be bought by money.


Within a corrected world and the Principle of Give as you would like to Receive, the Value system is based on Equality and within that, if there is something that can be given/shared and something that would support everyone, that something should be accessible for everyone equally. We can all agree that what allows one a decent life is proper housing, food, water, health care, education, clothing, access to resources, transportation and so forth and yet, the majority of this world don't get to have access to it. Now imagine, if we would allocate the money we spent while being brainwashed by our entertainment and if the money wouldn't be all directed to make the celebrities and the corporation extremely richer, we could have made sure by now that everyone on earth would have access to everything that we would like to have for ourselves.


So, a reality check instead of a reality show - the only reason why the celebrities are able to be so rich is because of our desires for momentary escapes which we able to buy with our money.  The only reason the corporations are profiting is because we buy products without any real need and without realizing that we were psychologically brainwashed to develop the desire for irrelevant product. All of these monies that moves around could have been utilized to create a foundation from which a world that is best for all could equally be implemented where human rights are practically applied.

Thus, the next time you watch a TV series, a Reality show or a movie, consider that the money you are spending or about to spend could have been utilize to make sure the equation, Give as you would Like to Receive functions for the betterment of all living beings. Here you must understand, you cannot justify yourself by saying that you also donate money for charity because if you investigate how money moves in charities you would see that this money isn't directed to sort out the problem but only to deal with some of the consequences that will never stop unless the problem will be sorted out from its origin. On that point, I suggest reading: Charities - Exposing the Problems - Continues - Day 296 And listening to: Life Review - An Elite Philanthropist.


So - time to walk the valuable equation - Give as You would like to Receive - Investigate the Equal Money and use your money wisely by supporting the global movement that is directing an implementation of a world wide system that is based on the Value of What is best for all lives.


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