May 12, 2013 | By: A Woman

A year or writing - Day 365

Full_the-importance-of-writingIf anyone would have told me that I would, in some time in the future, be writing in English or even in Hebrew, for more than a year, every day, or almost every day, I would have said to them that they are crazy and there is no way in hell that I would be able to write so much.

Writing for me isn't something that came naturally, I was never known as a writer or someone who likes reading/writing but, here I am, writing for 365 days my journey to Life blogs.


I always had resistance to write, resistance to read, resistance to push beyond my accepted limitation because from my perspective, if I could have achieved something easily, than there is no point in push myself or to try harder to perfect the results. In my educational years, as long as everything came naturally and easy for me, I was the best that I could be and the moment things started to be hard, I automatically gave up on myself so that I won't have to face bad results. Little did I understand that everything was easy for me so long as my vocabulary was sufficient enough to be able to express myself but as I grow up, my vocabulary dropped in comparison to those with excellent vocabulary and because the problem was not understood, my solution was to drop out from everything that is challenging and to only walk the points that I can easily excel in.


But than came Desteni and I couldn't use my excuses of self limitation because I started to know better and I could only do that through reading and writing. As I've said many times before, this process that we are waling doesn't include any form of quick fix, there is no easy way out - it is a challenge, it takes a lot of self will and determination, it takes time and patience but today I can stand and say that if one dare oneself, one is able push through one's accepted limitations and to in fact expand oneself, one's understanding of oneself, of this world and human behaviour overall through the gift of writing. This is also why I'm so grateful I have people who walk this path with me as we encourage each other to break through the self created limitations and so, support not only ourselves but each other as a group.


Recently I pushed through my belief that I'm too old to learn new words and to improve my writing skills in English and I was astound to realize how easy and fun it can be to learn new words and actually integrate the words into my physical body so it can actually stay there for me to easily recall the words when I want to and with an awesome technology that is based also on the principle of Writing as a physical integration, I am now able to support myself in expanding my vocabulary and so, slowly but surely communicate and express myself in ways I wouldn't imagine possible for me.


Alright, so this is my yearly report of writing myself to freedom and I'll continue tomorrow with the question: Who is Responsible for our Children's Education?



Ingrid Schaefer said...

Cool, 1 year! Yeah.

Lindsay Craver said...

Awesome Maya - what a journey :)

Carrie said...

Cool Maya - thanks for sharing your year.

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