Apr 16, 2013 | By: A Woman

Why doesn't God answer my Prayers? Day 349


Why doesn't God answer the Prayers of those who starve?

Why doesn't God answer the Prayers of those who in a daily pain?

Why doesn't God answer the prayers of the children who are born into slavery?

Why does God only answer those with Money?

Why does God only answer with/trough Money?

Wait! Does that mean that God is in essence Money?


For a few years I prayed as well. I didn't call it God, I called it Grandfather (that had died). When my prayer didn't come through, I finally decided to stop but it didn't last long and a few years later I found another 'higher source' I could pray to. This time I called it 'Guide'. But.. This guide didn't answer my prayer either and I felt lost for a moment until I started to develop some form of common sense in adding the points together when I asked the above questions.


So I realized that Money is the force that direct our lives; that Money decide who lives and who dies; that Karma is just a brand name that was used to make us either feel better with ourselves if we have money or at least enough money to suppress the truth of ourselves or make us feel guilty and ashamed if we born to the wrong side of the Money polarity.


I think that it is safe to say that if God really exist, he doesn't do a great job and its creation had evolved to something that if God would have existed, he would be ashamed of himself for accepting and allowing this existence to become the manifestation it is now.


So, wouldn't you agree that it is time to take our godly powers back to ourselves and correct the mess that we live in? wouldn't you want to ensure that your children and grandchildren could live in a world where abundance is not a world that is associated with only a select few? Wouldn't you want the future of your generation to come to be a future where they could actually live in dignity and integrity without fearing for their survival? I'm sure you do. So let's do some simple Math:

At the moment: God = Money. and what is it that we truly desire for? A Life that can actually be lived in peace and harmony. Does, what needs to be changed? The value we define Money as. If we change the value of Money to Value that encompass LIFE that is best for ALL (Which include you as part of the all), we could finally start changing the course of our living experiences isn't right?


So - to learn how it can practically be done - Investigate the Equal Money System where the starting point of Money is Life that is best for all. Explore the possibilities of your Future and the future of your Loved one if only you would dare to take what was always belong to you but you forgot about it -> Life! It's time for a change so be the change you want to see in this world, in a practical and physical manner.



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