Apr 15, 2013 | By: A Woman

Memorial Day and Independent Day - the Joke is on us - Day 348

Yesterday was the  National Memorial Day in the honour of those who have fought for the country (Israel) in the past 65 years. Today, is the Israeli Independent Day. I always found it ridiculous how fast one moves from Depression and crying for the loved one they had died to partying all night long to celebrate the country independency. I now see that it is even more absurd as there is no real independency and young kids age of 18 are still in the fire zone, fighting for the country.


So what is the underlying current within this polarity game we play with ourselves and why it has been promoted in such a manipulative way for us to never questioning the reality we live in and simply accept it has it is?

To understand the reason to the above question, I suggest watching the documentary: "The Century of the Self" where it was explained how and why we have all been brainwashed through phycology means to keep the beast inside ourselves numb and quiet to never stand up and question that which we have blindly accepted over the years. Why it was so important to keep the mass ignorant and how it was done through manipulative strategy based on irrationality behaviour we have trapped ourselves in.


Moving from one side of the polarity as grief and sorrow to a state of euphoria and pleasure was deliberately designed is such specific way where we are even thankful for those who have died and gave us in their death a momentary experience of freedom. Our pursuit of happiness and excitement as an individual self interest would then thus justify why it is ok to keep fighting for our country within the inevitable consequences of unnecessary death of young children that are forced to join the army, believing they had a free choice within it. Well, at least, I believed I had free choice in enlisting to the army when I was 18 years old. The propaganda was so well designed that I couldn't even wait till I could join the military. And here, I'll be honest with you - so long as I was protected in a base with friends around, I enjoyed my service as it suited my self interest of a social human being however, the moment I've been placed in a life threating position where I was constantly fearing for my life, I did everything I could to get out of the army with no success. Again, what defined my direction was nothing but my own self interest as to what would be the best for me in any given moment - there was no common sense in any of my decisions that I believed were my decisions which is quiet fascinating point to look at.


Now, beside the brainwash and propaganda point within the Memorial days and independent day that were deliberately placed as following days, another element we can have a look at is… MONEY.

When looking at these points and tracing back the root of money - both days, memorial and independent days have a direct relationship with Money. War wouldn't have existed if a select few would not make a profit out of it and the independent day is all about spending money that could have been used for more supportive matters such as feeding and providing health care for those who are in the poverty line and below.


We are living in a world where independency do not exists as we dependent on Money to survive. We are living in a world where War is integral part of our lives and we accept it and validate it without even questioning it. Gee, I must applaud to those who have deliberately designed the brainwashing methods, they have done a really good job.


So - It is time to Wash our Brain with some common sense and add all the points together to see what is really been accepted and allowed without our direct decision and will and from here, to stand up and correct the mess we created so that celebrating Life could be applied in every moment of one's breath.








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