Apr 3, 2013 | By: A Woman

What is care really? Day 340

Continuing with the Question Who is Responsible for our Children's Education?


When going through the news headlines and seeing the craziness humanity is suffering from, it is clear that Real Care does not exists in this world. One can blame the world system, the education system, the neighbours, the living conditions, you name it; however, if we look in self honesty, we would see that we were the ones who created the system that allows such madness; we would start seeing our responsibility from the perspective that what ever we now see accelerating around the world, is the exact duplicate of the nastiness, madness and evilness that exists in our minds. For more context, I suggest reading Why Changing the World start with Self - Day 311 and Facing the Evil within - the KEY to Self Awareness - Day 188.


Now, if we look back at the original question: Who is Responsible for our Children's Education? it is safe to say that if Real Care for one's children was existing, us, as Parents in this world, would have make sure that our children would be and become the best they could be within a very specific guideline of:

- Give as you would like to receive.

- Do unto another as you would like to be done unto you.

Making sure that our Children would be the best they can be within these above guidelines, would have resulted with a world that is best for all where Madness and Craziness would be non existent; where Poverty and Crime would no longer exists; War and Abuse would be something that we couldn't even grasp to be existing in our harmonized world. Which by the way, if we look at the word: 'Harmony' we would find 2 fascinating things within the sounding of the word:

1. Harmony - No Harm ->When Harmony is truly applied, there is no Harm.

2. Harm Money -> Money is the Root of all Harm isn't it?


HOWEVER - we cannot do it unless we understand what Real Care Imply; what Give as you would like to receive and Do unto another as you would like to be done unto you, is practically implies on a Best For all application and consideration; we cannot do it unless we understand our own Mind, our own Programming, our own reactions, thoughts, and automated behaviours and unless we walk our own process of Rebirthing ourselves as Life that is honourable, we would pass on to our children, our own generational sins without even realizing that we do so.


So here is to remind ourselves that there is no one to blame, not even ourselves and from here, all we have to do is to move directly to the Correction that is required to stop repeating the same generational patterns that had led us to create a world of Madness in its absolute glorification.

If you haven't already, I suggest reading through the Blog series: The correction Process and the Desteni Message as a 101 guidelines to understand what Programming Is, How we program ourselves, the difference between Honesty and Self Honesty, what does it mean to correct and change ourselves and why, etc.


If you are already ready to start investigating and introspecting yourself in all the level of the minds, I suggest walking the Free On-Line DIP Lite Course and start your process of Establishing the basic tools for Self Correction and Realization so that you could become the Seed of Life that would bring about Harmonized Life as a Living example.



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