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Psychological Experiments and Accountability - Day 341


Continuing with the Question Who is Responsible for our Children's Education?


Within this blog, we will explore an interesting point that opened up for me when I saw the documentary: The Angry Eye: Jane Elliot. Here one should note that I will be utilizing the documentary as an example to describe a concerning phenomena that exists within various Psychology Experiments.


'The Divided Class' and 'The Angry Eye' are Documentaries describing Experiments done to expose, reveal and show the extent of Racism through an experience of how it feels like to be at the receiving end of Racism. 


While the goal of the experiment is to give people a sense of empathy and morality with those who are the victims of our consequential world system that accept and allow Racism to exists, performing such experiments is done without taking into consideration the long term effects on the participants. Thus, despite the starting point that may be perceived to be sincere, according to my eye's view, the way, or this solution as in how it is being done is not acceptable as in some cases, even if only in rare cases, the mental and physical consequences may be detrimental.


Here is a description of the Blue/Brown eye experiment: http://www.janeelliott.com/workshop.htm


The trinity relationship between the Mind, the Physical and the Beingness is not yet fully understood in this world and without that crucial understanding, we cannot anticipate what may be the consequences and the outflows of such Mind experiments. From my perspective, even if the physical and/or mental harm is rare, the potential of physical/mental harm invalidate the performance of such Mind experiments. 


Let me explain: In this specific experiments, the participant are exposed to abuse/bullying from the starting point of giving them the impression of what does it feels to be at the receiving end of Racism. 

The participants are not used to or have been exposed to such abuse/bullying throughout their lives and therefore, for some, the first encounter with abusive/bullying experience can be a shocking.


(In the blog series The correction Process and the Desteni Message I went into details regarding what Programming is and how we have programmed ourselves throughout our lives. So if you haven't already, I suggest reading the blogs through to understand the following points)


When one for the first time face a shocking experience, an experience that is far fetched from anything they have personally seen or experienced before, one would not have a 'manual' or a 'guideline' within their mind of 'how to' cope with these kinds of scenarios, how to behave, how to move, how to react.


Thus, when one is being exposed to a shocking experience where the mind doesn't have a prepared script of how to move through the experience, in some cases mental/self relationship consequence can evolve when the full extent of the mind is not understood and the experimenter doesn’t know all the info of how an experiment will be deal with by a person’s mind and how it would/could affect them in a myriad of ways later in life.


Our understanding of the Quantum Mind and the Physical Quantum Mind is so limited that we cannot even see the outflows and probabilities that such Psychological experiment may result with and as the Human Consciousness becoming more and more unpredictable, if we continue with such experiments without understanding what we are actually doing, the chances that such experiments would lead to more and more consequences that we wished we have prevented afterwards. 


Thus, I suggest working with the principle of Prevention as the best cure from the perspective of -

Although ending Racism in this world is an honourable and respectful consideration, the experiment is not the solution; if it was, Racism will be no more isn't it?


So in the future, I will open up the point of Racism and how it may change already within the implantation of the Equal Money System but for now, bear in mind that the ultimate solution is a solution that is encompassing in terms of both on the individual level and the world system level. Thus, here is 2 points to consider in the meanwhile:

The DIP Lite - Free online course that will give you the necessary tool to start understanding the relationship between yourself, your mind and your physical body. This will allow you to expand the way you view yourself and others in this world and in that, you would be able to take your power back to yourselves and correct that which is not in alignment with the principle of 'what is best for all life'.

The Equal Money System is the platform from which each human in this world could start their process of self change/correction once the Fear of Survival will no longer dictate the way we live our lives, the way we behave, they way we think and so forth. Within that, our education system will be based on principle of Give as you would like to receive and Do unto another as you would like to be done unto you which from there, a new generation of perfected human being would slowly but surely start to emerged. So, interesting times ahead, prepare yourself...


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