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Are we Aware of our Behavioural Development?–Day 339

Continuing with the Question Who is Responsible for our Children's Education?

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As we've seen in the Previous Blog, an innocence act like throwing balls towards a child to assist with developing the child's motor skills may follow consequential consequences when the child interpret the action within the equation: Throwing an object towards another = playful experience and accordingly, would believe that throwing objects towards their pets for instance, is going to be a cool game for both the child and the pet.


Within this blog, we will look at and investigate one more example to assist and support ourselves with tracing back our Behavioural patterns that were manifested on a physical Quantum mind already within the ages of 0-7. that would allow us to understand our children better and from that understanding, we could start developing a relationship with our children that is based on effective Communication.


So for instance, you know when you make yourself a cup of really good coffee? And when you make it, you do is so specific: specific amount of coffee, specific amount of milk, the way you stir the coffee with the Milk... it's like these rare moments that you treat yourself with your special way of making a cup of coffee.

Wouldn't you agree that in these moments, your entire expression is of satisfaction, perfection and absolute enjoyment?


That is the exact impression that the child would pick up and store within themselves to the extent of connecting for instance, the action of Stirring the coffee with the milk (without even knowing that the cup consists of any form of liquids, with Enjoyment, satisfaction and perfection. From here, what the child would attempt to do? Copy the parent expression and experience and the child would take a cup, an hour, a day or weeks later, and would stir the empty cup (or not empty) with a spoon, in such a force that the cup breaks and the child get cut/hurt.


You see, when I looked at the point, I've noticed that each one of us is stirring their cup in a different way without us even being aware that there is a form of 'uniqueness' within the way we stir the coffee cup. We have never questioned where this uniqueness is coming from and where have we learned this  natural ability.

We have not been aware that our children will copy our uniqueness of stirring the coffee cup as we have never been aware that we have most likely copied this specific action from our own parent.

Thus here is another point to pounder about - are we really unique within our expression or is our expression is nothing but a copied expression that we picked up from our environment without any awareness of even doing so?


So, with the child, coffee cup and ourselves -> a practical solution is to be aware in such moments when we do assumingly  meaningless actions that are so automated within ourselves and when we do so, the child is observing or being attentive to their surrounding. I would suggest that if the child is near by, make the coffee together - buy for the child a set of dishes that cannot be braked and let the child make a drink with you and while you do it, walk him through the process and develop a conversation with the child. You can show the child various types of ways to stir a cup, you can ask them to show you how they like stirring a cup.. There are so many creative things one can do with one's child in the kitchen. You'll be surprise what the child does understand even when the words and vocabulary are not yet in place.


Enjoy the process and share you feedback and/or if you wish to add any other examples, leave a message here or discuss it on the Forum.


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