Apr 30, 2013 | By: A Woman

The Power of Fears - Day 360


imageThis is a continuation to the Previous blog: The Compartment of Now - Day 359.

Now that we see how we can look at our lives and even our days, through a map of compartments representing moments in time that would always start in one Breath in and one Breathe out, we can start having a look at how Fears are the one Factor that would limit us from walking each compartment, each moment in time, to the best of our ability in consolidating our strengths and enhancing our natural skills; fears are the one thing that we believe to be Real as we haven't not realized how and why we made them physically and mentally be real through our participation within ourselves and within this world as a whole.


Let's have a look at the following example:

We have decided to walk a new adventure in our life, whether it be higher level of education studies, or a new job or a new business, there would always be a specific steps one must take to manifest the desired result. For instance, we decided to registered to medical school and to do that, we require to have previous track record upon which the medical school board would make the decision of whether or not passing they should pass us to the next phase of evaluation where we will be verbally reviewed by a committee to see if our character is aligned with what it takes to be a doctor according to the guideline the Medical school board had drawn out.


So we have applied and sent through all the relevant information we were required to submit for the first phase of evaluation. In other words, we are now walking a specific compartment in our life which we must have entered to while we were breathing in, and within that compartment, we require to collect all the relevant data for our initial application and in that moment in time, this specific compartment would end the moment we send through our application and if we slow ourselves down, we will noticed that what we naturally did when we posted our application by mail was taking a breath out didn't we?


So now, what do we know? That in 6-8 weeks, we will receive a letter from the medical school board, indicating whether or not we will continue with our evaluation or not. What would be our 'natural' behaviour is to worry about the answer we would receive in 6-8 weeks, from the moment we sent the application through.

Some of us would imagine how it would feel like to get the positive reply from the school board and how it would be to be a doctor and some of us would expect the worst and could already see themselves failing in the first stage. However, even those who are expecting positive result, what would be the dominant point that would trigger them to imagine positive result is the fear that they won't get what they want.

Is there anything practical in worrying about whether or not we got accepted or not? Is there anything we could possible do to change the result from the moment we posted our application till the day we would receive an answer? How does the quality of our lives is affected within these 6-8 weeks that we consistently participating in worries and fears of the future? How does the next compartment as moment in time that we are now in, is influenced by our emotional state and condition of fear? How does the physical body affected from the pressure we put the body through, so long as we accept and allow ourselves to participate within something that is so counterproductive such as fearing a point in the future we have no idea how it would play out? a point in the future that we cannot even control..


Here was just an example through which we could start understanding how ineffective we become once we allow fears to determine the quality of our lives.
Now, we can go further and see how our lives would play out during the next 6-8 weeks of which we anticipating the result to come in. For instance, let's say we decided to read a book - how quickly would we lose our focus and go into our minds, imagining again all the possible outcomes and how our lives would look like within each potential out come?

Let's say we are cooking dinner and as we chop the vegetable, we suddenly imagining ourselves performing a surgery, holding the scalpel in our hands,  saving lives, hearing all the life support machine until the fear kicks in and immediately we go into anxiety: "but what if I won't get accepted?" and ooops, what happen? We slightly cut our finger because we were simply not aware of that which is here as a physical action of cutting the vegetable; a moment that started with us taking a breath in, where we made the decision to prepare a salad and what should have been a moment of breathing out when the salad is done however now, we must move to the next compartment, to the next moment in time that would again start with breathing in only that now, instead of finishing up the salad, we must dress the cut we have so neglectfully did to ourselves while spending time in our mind instead of focusing on the physical living application of a simply thing such as cutting a vegetable.


More on that will come in my next blog.


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