May 4, 2013 | By: A Woman

Life without Fears start with a Decision - Day 361

This is a continuation to the Previous blog: The Compartment of Now - Day 359 and Establishing an Effective management system - Day 360 where we have seen how Fears play a role in our lives and within that, how ineffective we have become with the blindly acceptance and allowance of existing with fears within every moment we breathe in till the last moment we breathe out, at death. 


By now, it is clear as crystal that if we really want to change the way we approach Life, we must change our relationship to fears as it is our fears from which we base our decisions upon and ironically enough, we have never even considered that it was us who have made the decision to create the fears upon which we would later on base our decision on.


Let's go back to the first blog: The Compartment of Now - Day 359 where we have seen how we can look at our lives through the glasses of compartments that represents moments in time, moments that started with us taking a breath in and finished with us taking a breath out. Within each compartment, there are specific things that needs to be done that can be measured and applied by practical actions. So if for instance, we look at the example shared in the blog  Establishing an Effective management system - Day 360 where we were within a compartment of which all we had to do was posting our med school application and thus, this specific compartment ends the moment we posted our enrolment through the mail box. Now, ahead of us are multiple other compartments which for example, one of them was making dinner and cutting some vegetables to make ourselves a salad however, we decided to merged the 2 compartments through allowing fears and worries about whether or not we would be allowed to move to the next phase of med school evaluation and since we haven't being paying attention to the current compartment of a physical action of cutting a vegetable, we cut our self cause our attention was to our minds. Now this is just a simple example of how fears inteFEAR with our day to day living application as we have not understood or have been willing to see the simplistic of walking one breath at a time, one compartment at a time but instead, we live in constant fears as if Breath is equal to fear and instead of walking breath by breath, we walk fear by fear.


Wouldn't it make much more sense if we would simply post our med school application and you know, when the result arrive in 6-8 weeks we would face what ever the moment will be within self trust that what ever happen, we would align and adapt ourselves according to what is here, what needs to be done and simply keep on walking?

I mean, is there anything practical we can do within this 6-8 weeks that would change the result? No, we have no longer control over the point so why even bather with worrying about something we have no control over?


Unfortunately, we have accepted these fears as our normal behaviour that letting these fears go, may require a radical change in how we approach our lives. For that, we have designed fantastic free online course - DIP Lite where one is able to get to know some basic tools that would allow one to start seeing oneself in a different light; start seeing one's fears as one's current directive force and from that seeing, making the decision of what one would accept and allow and what one would not.

So, an interesting process ahead and if we dare, gift ourselves the gift of Life, the freedom of ForGifting ourselves, oh, I'm sorry, ForGiving ourselves for what we've created as ourselves with no awareness and to then, start living in awareness as the one who decides who we are in every moment of every breath, both in, and out.





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