Apr 29, 2013 | By: A Woman

The Compartment of Now - Day 359

If we look at our day to day living,  we can map the day according to events, time, chores, responsibilities, obligations, leisure etc. and we can in essence, categorize our day into small compartments wherein each compartment, represents a moment that would always start with us taking a breath in and would always ends with us taking a breath out.


What differs one compartment from another is the physical space time direction that must be walked in each compartment while the principle remain the same - what needs to be done in that moment in time in order for us to walk the point to the best of our abilities, keeping in mind all the relationships and consequences that may occur and accordingly, making sure that the outcome would be an outcome that is best for all.


In other words, walking each and every moments that starts with taking a breath in and ending with a breath out, can be mathematically measured and perfected to achieve the result that is best for all.


However, what us human being had fucked up along the way? What is the ONE thing that separates us from walking each and every moment within our optimum potential? What is the ONE point that always keeps us trapped in thought cycles, reactions, emotions and feeling? What is the reason for us unable to be effective human beings in this world that walk one breath at a time, one point/task/responsibility at a time?


It is FEARS - the source from which we would make our decisions; decisions that would enable us to in any given moment, protects ourselves from other fears that we have created within ourselves without even realizing that we have actually manifested these fears on a physical level so that we could justify why it make sense to live with fears. How stupid that is? being trapped in our own fears..


So - the Secret is NOT the power of NOW, it is the awareness of ourselves and everything that is involved within each and every compartment we breathed ourselves in until the point is done and we can breathe ourselves out. Isn't it the same as birthing into this world with our first in breath until the last breath out at death?


More of this will be discussed in my next blog.


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