Apr 27, 2013 | By: A Woman

But after all - there is a Solution - Day 358

This is a continuation to my previous blogs: The American Dream of Poverty - Day 356 and The effectiveness of Brainwashing - Day 357 where, I was commenting on aspects I've seen within the documentary America's Poor Kids. Another point that I haven't yet covered is the part where a solution was presented in the documentary however, as I've mentioned in the previously, because of extensive brainwashing, it is highly unlikely that we would realize that the solution was always in front of our eyes without us being able to directly see it.


It is a fact that every human being in this world deserve to have a roof above their heads, food to eat, water to drink, health care, education and clothing as a basic requirement to survive in dignity in this world. It is also a fact that within the current world system, these basic human rights are not met.


As one can see in the documentary, one of the solutions that were applied was giving a few families a decent house to live in, a house that would be their own, without them having to pay for it and from which they could start restoring their lives. This must be applied for every human on earth isn't it? so how come we haven't seen that this must be the solution to be applied for every living being thus far? We should really question ourselves in terms of why are we waiting or for what are we waiting with applying such a simple point.


The resources are available the only thing that separate the solution from a practical application world wide is - the political structure of the current money system.


So, while from the documentary perspective, 2 out of the 3 families received a decent house to live in. that in itself is enough for us to conclude that the government is protecting its citizenships, taking care of its citizenships and that we do not have to do anything because apparently, everyone are being supported. However, it is not the case, it is only what they want us to believe because what they don't want us to question is how the system is actually work. And they know that we won't go further and investigate the poverty in the US because this documentary is enough for us to believe that poverty in the US is taken cared for. They want us to believe that housing for everyone is the solution they stand for while it is not, it is just a cover up, a propaganda to keep the us numb and silent and I must say, it is working quite well.


Thus, the solution - Housing for everyone on earth is a fraction of the real change that must be walked on earth but to do so, we first must change the political ties that keeps the system running, the system that had allowed  poverty from the first place to manifest


Investigate, question and stand up - Equal Money System solution for housing and within that, how it can be implemented once the political system is corrected and changed to a system that is based on the Value of LIFE that is best for all.


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