Apr 13, 2013 | By: A Woman

Far from the Eye, Far from the Heart - Day 347



clip_image0012000 miles from Human Civilization the affects of the Man-Made garbage is taking a role in the destruction and abuse of Nature and the Animal Kingdom. Far from the Eye, Far from the Heart is it not? Otherwise, how could we possibly explain the fact that we are directly responsible for the mass murder of Albatross because

20 tons of Man-Made debris ends up on Midway each year wherein 5 tons of that is the plastic fed to the chicks which cause life threatening injuries as the Plastic punctures the Bird's Stomach. When we add the fact that many birds dies from Dehydration, starvation and poisonous toxicity, we get a definition for a cruel mass murder by us human beings.


Please watch the following short film before continuing reading this blog:

Plastic in Albatross Chicks at Midway Atoll - YouTube


And yet - it is accepted and allowed because apparently, what we cannot see, cannot heart us even though the Harm is visible and very much real for millions of creatures around the world.


So, with the Equal Money System, these things will cease to exists as the Education of the Humans would be one of the paramount goals so that we would no longer be able to justify the abuse in this world by saying: "but I didn't know" because we will know exactly what has been accepted and allowed thus far and what needs to be done to correct the consequences we are all directly and indirectly responsible and accountable for.


It is time to take things into our own hands and no longer sit back and Hope that everything will be ok by justifying to ourselves and saying "there are activists groups that would take care of different points, all I have to do is pass on the video showing the poor birds to show that I care." As you well known, a significant change/correction isn't seen in this world despite of the multiple activists organizations that claim to care about the world because they do not have the solution, they do not even see the source of the problem. Understand, we are looking at a interconnected problem that cannot be solved if only one or a few points are solved and this is why a solution that is trustworthy and effective would be a solution that encompasses all the interconnected relationships, problems and therefore, solutions. At the end, it all comes down to the root/cause/source of the problems we see (or deny) in this world which is the individual self interest design of Power/Greed/Control through a piece of paper called: "Money".


So, if you truly care - don't stop by sending this blog or the documentary to your peers by E-mail. Prove that you care and participate with creating the building blocks of a new world that is best for all. There are lots of research that still needs to be done and many points must still be investigated - it's going to take time that we cannot afford to waste as there are beings (Humans/Animals/Nature) that are dependent on you and I to actually walk the solution and stand as the example. If you do not have the time but do have the means, please support the Equal Money Movement. Unfortunately, to do what the Equal Money Movement and its members are doing, cost money and lots of it because we are still living in a world where money dictates every movement one take.


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