Apr 12, 2013 | By: A Woman

I Hope for a better world - Day 346

207251_176573505726699_175698322480884_473129_7223486_nWhat makes us follow another? Whether that someone be our parents, our loved ones, our government,  activists movements, spiritual movements - what is it that makes us follow these people/movements without questioning our involvement within it all, the practicality of it, the possible outcomes and consequences?


Obviously I was interested to investigate why is it that the Equal Money Movement isn't as "attractive" as spiritual and/or activists movements even though the Equal Money System movement is aiming for the most compassionate manifestation that could be possibly achieved in this world on a practical and physical level.


When I asked the question, I saw the answer - it comes down to HOPE. You see, with the activists and/or Spiritual movement, what bring people together is the promise of HOPE that everything will be ok, everything will be fine if we only scream loud enough. With the activists movements it would be screaming in the streets and doing as much protests as possible and with the Spirituals, it would be screaming (in an enlightened way) some Mantras and Prayer. I've done that to. I tried the activists way when the Israeli prime minister was murder in a peace assembly and therefore, new elections were conducted. I stood in the streets for hours trying to convince people to continue the way towards peace. Obviously, it failed and the right wing took the lead. A decay after I screamed for help from my spiritual guide. I screamed for some guideness and nothing came by. In both scenarios I prayed and screamed for a better world in the hope that a change will somewhat happen and we could all live happily ever after. In both Scenarios, I hoped without questioning whether the things that I hoped for can be practically manifest. All I did was Hoping without any physical grounds.


The Equal Money system however, cannot be walked by Hoped but as an individual self realization that we must take our power back to ourselves and apply our responsibility that is granted to us at birth, as life.

This is why not many people are willing to even investigate the foundation of the Equal Money System as that would imply that one would take self responsibility and actually consider another and not just one's own pursuit of happiness of oneself and one's loved ones.


So really - if you are looking for Hope, the Equal Money System is not for you but note that you received an opportunity to do something with your life that is best for all and yet, you dismissed this opportunity because you were not willing to give up your self interest and transform your interest to an interest of Life that is best for all. If you claim that you are a good hearted and that you care about people and yet, you do not invest the time to investigate the Equal Money Movement than I know that you know that your claim is false.

At the end of your day, you have to live with yourself knowing that you could have stand up for a change in this world that is worthwhile, a change that would ensure the dignity and integrity of all living being including yourself. At the end of the day, it is your integrity that is on the line and again, you are the one who decide.


So - I would suggest to stop HOPING and instead start MOVING on a physical level because in every moment you Hope for a better world, someone is dying from hunger, malnutrition, diseases, etc. and while Hope won't bring to them food on their table, Equal Money System would. The longer we wait with establishing a world system that protect and honour life, the more people continue to suffer. So what would you decide?



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