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Developing an honourable and Respectful communication - Day 345

Ann van den broekEMS
As we've seen in the previous blog: Cultural inherited Behaviour - overview - Day 344, that the way we communicate with one another is dependent on our Cultural Behaviour that we have integrated within ourselves from a very young age. We've seen that we have justified disrespectful and dishonourable communication with one another through our cultural behaviour within the equation we have formed: the way we communicate is valid (even if it is disrespectful and dishonoured) if it is in alignment to our Cultural Behaviour because everyone does the same. However, we have never stopped for a moment to investigate the validity of the Equation and align the equation to the Principle of:
- Give as you would like to receive
- Do unto another as you would like to be done unto you
Within this blog, we will start looking at how to transform our Communication skills to Communication that is effective, worthy and dignified wherein the starting point of such transformation must first be applied with ourselves as the living change. After all, we cannot expect any change if we haven't first taken responsibility for what we have accepted and allowed our communication skill to be like within the justification that it is valid according to our Cultural Behaviour.
First let's have a look at the word: "Communication"
Commune - I - Action.
'Commune' stand for Community of People
'I' stand for I as/of a community
'Action' stand for Movement.
When bringing these components together - I am moving with and as the Community or in other words: 'Communication' is in essence a movement of people together.
This can be also seen through the following sounding of the word Communication:
Come-Unification -> Coming together in unification.
Community must be based in communication - the coming together in unification - and if we take a look at this world, we can see that neither community, nor communication is here, because we have yet to establish self-honest, SELF-communication; but have instead turned our backs on ourselves and each other in order to chase after a daydream of happiness that never comes - and the outflow of this has created a nightmare in this physical reality. This nightmare has real consequences, for real beings - so we must first wake up, stand up, learn to hear and listen to OURSELVES; place ourselves in our own shoes, to get walking this path of self-correction so we can dignify ourselves, in order to thus then be able to effectively learn from, hear and listen to others; place ourselves in the shoes of another, and in this way walk all life here into real dignity - one by one, until it is done.
Thus, when looking at the sounding of the word Communication - the solution to our Cultural Behaviour of disrespect and dishonour of one another which within that, behaviour that is directly and indirectly responsible for the abuse of Humanity, Nature and Animals as a whole, is within the word itself. Thus, once we Move together in Unification we could bring about a world that is best for all unlike the way we currently move together, towards the destruction of this world.
Once we understand the importance of Developing effective Communication with one another, we could start moving one step forwards towards establishing Communication that is based on Practical Principles which trough this, we could rather expand, grow and empower one another instead of diminishing, disrespecting and abusing one another.

So - the HOW TO - Here it is suggested to start walking our process to self Honesty where the Communication within and without are Equal and One. Find out more about the Mind and the Physical through a personal experience and testing - investigate the DIP LITE to support yourself in developing an effective communication with yourself and research the Equal Money System so that we could start communicating with our fellows Human beings that would all live in a world that is best for all. Let's bring all the points together into unification and communication would not just be a random word but a living word as an example that a change is possible if we only dare to.

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