Apr 21, 2013 | By: A Woman

Horror of slaves in 2013 - Day 353



Shashi Obhrai threatened to kill the woman and bury her in the garden"An Indian woman who was kept as a slave and passed between three middle class families… was beaten, burned and raped…  she was forced to work for £2 an hour and raped several times… Her passport was taken away and she was forced to work 17-hour shifts seven days a week, fed only on out-of-date food and the chewed leftovers of their three children…


...When the woman, who could only speak Hindi, tried to contact police on multiple occasions but she was returned to her abusers and they were used as interpreters...


..The woman, who is illiterate, came to Britain in 2005 in search of a better life, but was left wheelchair-bound after being injured so badly by her 'employers' over a three-year period….


...The victim was left with scars on her body from the fingernails.. dragged her down stairs, burned her with an iron and threatened to stab her with insulin needles.


...Over the three years she was kept as a slave, she was paid just £2,000, which she sent back to her family in Hyderabad… Authorities estimate that she should have earned £170,000 during that time, considering the long hours she was forced to work."


Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2312024/Horror-slave-kept-2million-home-raped-passed-middle-class-families.html


This is a story of a woman who hoped for a better life for herself and her family if only she leaves her country and find a decent job in England and so be able to send her salary to her poor family in India. This is not the story of this woman alone, this is a story of millions or even billions of people who forced to a life of slavery just to survive and protect their families. But it is not a story, it is a living reality for so many, it is a daily vivid nightmare of suffering, pain, abuse and atrocity. It is not a story - it is the world we are living in; a world where this living condition is accepted and allowed by all of us, mainly those who have at least enough to live a protected and decent life; us who do nothing to even bather and give a second thought about the devastating state of the world we have created ourselves.


So help me understand - how is it possible that slavery still exists in this world?

Help me understand why we do nothing about it?

Help me understand how have we become so self cantered, egotistic, selfish human beings that cannot apply simple principles such as: Give as you would like to receive, Love your neighbour as yourself and investigate all things and keep that which is best for all?


Help me understand why you wouldn't stand up now and say: I'm ashamed of myself; I realized that as long as I'm doing nothing, I'm part of the problem.


So - if you finally realized you are part of the problem and you are willing to stand as the solution - study the Equal Money System solution to transform this world into a world where all lives are honoured and protected; Understand the power of the mass and become the driving force of the mass that is standing, moving and directing this world to a world that is best for all. Let's change the story...





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