Apr 22, 2013 | By: A Woman

Life - Cult(ure) that is Best for all - Day 354



Group work

Over the years of walking with the Equal Life Foundation, Equal Money System and Desteni, we've been identified, defined, accused, blamed, judged, etc. as a Cult. Now, ironically enough, the Principle that we stand for in application implies that everyone on earth would be protected, cared for, educated and honoured and yet, it seems that the principle we stand for: Life that is best for all is so extreme and far from the human's comprehension that there was nothing else to define us and therefor, we must be a cult.


Now, if you investigate the Equal Life Foundation you will find a solution for all and every single problem that exists in this world and while you have so many organizations that claim and protest for human rights, you would see that if you bring all of these organization together, it would still not be a complete solution for the establishment of a life that is best for all because none of these organization have understood the extent of the problem we are facing and thus, couldn't come up with an encompassing solution. And yet, we are evil for some reason, brainwashed cult. I mean, I already said it is bizarre didn't I?


So it is time to set the record straight: The Equal Life Foundation is a non profit organization that is not part of the Elitist policy control but is based on Individual understanding that what has been accepted and allowed in this world is no longer acceptable and in the era of 2013, with the advance technology available, resources and human power, the atrocities that many are facing must cease to exists.


In the near future, I will explain in detail why is it the we have defined as an Evil Cult and what it has to do with Cognitive misinformation but for now, what must be understood is that if you allow yourself to so quickly follow the ones that claim we are dangerous cult without checking the facts for yourself, you are from that moment can no longer be able to justify why is it that you are not part of the problem in this world. Understand that the Equal Life foundation is an organization that its members are from all over the world and we are busy with daily writing, research, investigation and participation in various projects and as such, you will have months of reading to do just to be able to begin to understand what we are all about; Claiming you know who and what we are without reading and investigating the material meticulously is again imply that you have no respect towards Life because you fell into the trap of those who wish that the beast inside you, the beast that is awaiting for you to wake up and stand up for a world that is best for all, will always remind numb because if you wake up, their control and power over you will no longer be possible.


So - if you wish to call, define, brand, judge us a cult - go for it however realize that the our Cult(ure) is the most honourable Cult(ure) that have ever existed - a Cult(ure) of Life that is best for all and if you are not part of a Cult(ure) that is best for all than you are in a cult of Self Interest that belongs to a few and unfortunately, most likely that you are not part of these few but only their slave with no awareness that you are.


Dan Malara said...

Nice one Maya! It is baffling, but if I had to take a swing at it... cultural projection!

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