Apr 20, 2013 | By: A Woman

Some perspectives please - Day 352

As I opened the news today, there was a huge heading about a young boy, 7 years old who is desperately need a donation of £250,000 for a cancer treatment to save his life. The article, that was on the front page included a picture of this cute young boy; this picture unconsciously trigger our emotions enough for us to take the initiative and support with money. then, when I open the article to read it through, I saw more picture of this cute boy suffering from the physical conditioning he is facing. Yet again, another emotional trigger that would entice us to be the good samaritan and donate money to save this boy life.  (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2311674/Parents-desperate-race-raise-225-000-just-12-days-son-7-life-saving-cancer-treatment.html )


And so, I continued to scroll down the main news page and I saw a very small heading about a disturbing life consequences of a 5 years old girl who was kidnapped and raped for 4 days. Obviously here, a picture of the young child wasn't not shared and in essence, as all of us used to say: 1 picture = 1000 words, in this case, the emotional trigger for us to do something about it was not there and most importantly, the chances for us actually noticing the article is quite low and I would even dare and state that it is deliberate. (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2311800/Five-year-old-girl-raped-days-kidnapped-neighbour-Delhi-paedophile-crime-month.html)


It is deliberate because if we were consistently prompt with headline flash about what is really going on in this world on a daily basis wherein children are being raped, starve to death, forced to marry for economical reasons, etc. - we might have find it within us to stand up for what should have been a common sense point - to make sure that all children in this world are safe no matter who you are, what disease they have, where they were born and to what culture/religion were they forced to believe in because they didn't know they have a free will in either believing what their parents told them or either check their beliefs for themselves and decide who they are within these beliefs. But instead, we give our money away for charity, believing we have done enough and we are good people without realizing that we are a direct problem in the equation that formulate the world to be and become the world of disharmony, abuse and suffering.


So, it is time for some perspectives in terms of the value we give to the emotional triggers that are being flashed into our mind which we act upon for our own self interest of being able to define ourselves as caring people while all along, we give no respect to the Billon of children who are not protected around the world.

We should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing flashing pictures to determine our value system; flashing pictures that have become the directive force within what we will accept and allow and what we will not and unfortunately, we are allowing the rape of children all over the world because we are not aware of them and even if we do, the next thought that would come is that we are powerless to actually influence anything. But let me tell you something: it is really a simple equation: 1+1+1+1+1+1+1=force that can actually implement a change that is substantial and worthwhile so really - any excuse to not stand up because it's worthless is unacceptable.


Investigate the Equal Money System and be the influential force that you can be.


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