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Sudden and Unexpected Physical Shame - Day 313

249649_116749471743748_100002260870618_152206_4550790_n..."You will do Self Forgiveness and Write Every day, but without SHAME - you will Not Change, and it will All be in VAIN. Even PAIN will not Change Humanity. It will Only Be SHAME. SHAME will be the First REAL Physical Feeling, and Once You Change – You Rebirth as Life, you will Learn to FEEL for Real and be Really Alive.

Those that are of the Illusion as CONsciousness, can Feel No Shame! The Only Shame they Know is the Shame the System use to Keep one Enslaved. Real Shame is a Physical Realisation that Will Remain WITH You, As You, ‘TILL YOU CHANGE!"... (Day 311: The Secret to Self-Realisation)


If you haven't already, I suggest reading through this blog above as it IS the key for Real Self Realization.


I have faced a few time this year a Physical, unexpected and sudden shame that I couldn't pinpoint or Define as Shame because the 'shame' as I was taught to feel/experience wasn't similar to the Physical Experience that all of a sudden encompassed me. Thus, I would like to share my Relationship with Physical Shame since I see it is a crucial point in one's process of self realization.


So, after I read the blog, I was looking at my process of self realization - I saw that I could count the moments of Physical Shame in only one hand which that in itself should emerged shame however, it didn't, I felt nothing in regard. I didn't feel shame for not walking through shame and even when I realized that I should have got myself to a consistent real physical feeling of shame and yet I haven't, I didn't feel shame. I was aware that I didn't feel ashamed/shamed about not feeling shame that I only felt shamed for a few times and when I looked within and as myself, I still didn't feel shame, I felt nothing.


The bottom line is that Shame as a Physical Shame isn't something that I can force myself to Feel, it's either Here in absolute self Honesty or it's of the Mind and any attempt to try and make myself feel Shame will be coming from the starting point of a Desire to be More.


I will share here my relationship with Physical Shame so that one will see, realize and understand and thus, stop the expectation that self change is manifested automatically the moment that Physical Shame is here because I am the living proof that it is not. I can allocate 3 instances where Physical Shame had emerged and yet, I could only see a change that is worthwhile in the last event as the shame that I faced that day was so overwhelming that I had to make a decision in that moment, within and as myself:


The first 2 times where I felt Physical Shame, wherein, a point of transcendence that I could have walked into perfection was here and yet, I didn't jump on this window of opportunity and walk myself into and as a physical change but instead, I got myself into another time loop that I'm still facing until the window is open again and it would be up to me again to decide whether I step up and transcend these 2 specific point.


So here, it is to emphasize that Shame isn't something to take for granted once one is experiencing or facing a physical shame because if one isn't absolute self honest and thus, will oneself to take self responsibility and  change as a decision one make within and as oneself, one would close this window of opportunity as one gave up one's power to the fears of change that one had created for and as oneself, in self interest.


However, a few weeks ago, I watched a documentary called: Why Poverty - Welcome to the World and a sudden and unexpected Experience overwhelmed me to the extent of me being SO angry, disappointed, overwhelmed and I cried and I couldn't believe how it is possible that I was physically in the places where this documentary took place and I haven't seen what I am seeing at this very moment? How it is possible that I was so blind and completely abdicated my responsibility as a human being in this world? How is it possible that only now, in my 30ties, I finally started becoming aware of the real problems that exists in this world. But I also realized at that very moment the extent of the problem and what will it take for humanity to stand up and change - it will take the impossible and it is up to us to make it possible - it won't be easy though; This undefined experience that I faced, I can now define it as Physical Shame. Here, I had a window of opportunity to either fall or stand up. I decided to stand up and made a clear decision of what will I do with my life. I could have easily fall because I truly understood the extensiveness of the problem and the very small chance that we could actually change our human nature enough to have a majority of votes to walk by/through/as the Equal Money System as a solution. I realized that I would have to give up my life and that I may not succeed to bring enough common sense and awareness to Humanity so that we could together manifest and implement a solution in this world. I realized that I may Die, devoting my life for a change that is impossible and that if we as a group of humanity Fail to establish such change, I would end up with nothing but my Breath.

But interestingly enough, this time, I used the Physical Shame as a point of self motivation tool to Continue investigating and study what is really going on in this world which from there, I could expand, develop and improve my Common Sense, Writing and Communication Skills and thus, would be able to stand in absolute stability and clarity in the face of any Abuser or Hater of Life and direct the points effectively.


So a point of assistance and support - One cannot force the experience of Shame because forcing it means, as I've mentioned before, that it is not real, that our starting point is of self deception/manipulation within the Desire to be More than who one is. When and as one face a point of Physical Shame, I suggest to take a breath, see what is directly here and the window of opportunity for a real self change is now here for one to walk through. If the Experience is so overwhelming, I suggest sharing yourself on the Desteni Forum for further assistance and support.


Now, I have to walk my talk and to prove to myself that the Decision that I made a few weeks ago stand the test of time because it is very easy to create a personality and/or Entity of/as self interest within the Desire to be More which then thus, all one does is prolonging our processes as a whole.


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