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The Evolution of the Capitalistic System as a Mirror of the Human Consciousness - Day 312



This is a continuation of the Previous Blog Why Changing the World start with Self - Day 311 where I showed how the Capitalistic System was created in the Image and likeness of the Spoiled Brat Child wherein this Spoiled Brat Child existent within and as ourselves as our Human Nature through our Desire for MORE and the Survival of the Fittest Principle we have accepted and allowed as ourselves and thus, we, as the creator of ourselves through our acceptances and allowances, created a system that reflect our Inner Demons of Self Interest and the Desire for MORE - The Capitalistic System.


Today I watched the Documentary: Obey which made me realized that the Spoiled Brat Child is now in its Teenagers years of Rebelling to the system we ourselves had created through our past acceptances and allowances. So let's take one step back to see, realize and understand where it all start.


The Spoiled Brat Child was created by its parents that agreed within and as themselves to play the reward game and thus, trained their child to Obey to their education, rules and regulation and in return, the child would receive the Reward the child was trained to Desire. As the Child Evolved and become aware of all the great possibilities and opportunities that the rewards can give the child, as an Experience, the Child would do what ever it takes to get the Rewards with the least effort possible. The Child would disregard the Consequences because the Child knows that what ever they would face, they will find their way out through deception and manipulation.

As the Child grow up, and the regulations are not as appealing as they used to be and the Rewards are not in alignment to the Child's desires, wants and needs any longer, the child would slowly but surely start rebelling to their parents, and the parenting system the child once accepted and allowed is no longer the way the child would like to exists as - now the child wants to change the system and the child does that through rebelling. What is fascinating within it all is that once the child passes the rebellion years and slowly submits to the world system by going to the university, getting a job, getting married and having children, the Child that is now the Parent will behave exactly like their parents and.. Accept the System exactly the way it always was with no evident and substantial change whatsoever.


So now, with the Occupied Wall Streets, the Protests and Demonstrations, we are in our Rebellion phase which may take some years until we grow up and once again, accept the world system exactly as it is. We have noticed that something is wrong with all the regulations and roles the system forces us to live as and we forgot that we were the one who created this system by our own acceptances and allowances. So we go, and we rebel, and we scream for a change until we grow up (or shell we call it by its name - give up) and submit to the system as we see that rebelling the system is not for out benefit any longer and thus, we would again accept and allow the a world system as it is despite of our awareness of the consequences this system manifest. We would soon forget our rebellion years and suppress that which we have realized about ourselves.


This is what the Documentary Obey is secretly heading towards: to accept our current positions as the rebellion teenagers through showing us the real core/source/root problem that exists in this world however, instead of Correcting the Problem for once and for all, we would go and rebel and later on forget about it all when we grow up, submit to the system and continue our lives exactly as our parents did and their parents.


My question is - did rebelling to our parents ever work out for us? Has rebelling to the world system ever manifested a change? No - so why can't we learn from our mistakes and accordingly, walk towards a practical solution that would End the Problem and Prevent the problem from ever manifesting again?


I got to say that in the Documentary, the problems are laid out in great specificity and it's revealing the point we must address and correct however, the solution is not to rebel the system but to stand up within self responsibility as the creators of the system in the first place and thus, create a new system that would stand in alignment with the Principles that would Place LIFE as the most respected, honoured and protected Position - Give as YOU would Like to Receive, Investigate all points and Keep that which is Good and of course, love your neighbour as yourself.


The HOW TO do it in a practical and physical way with the least harm possible is through the Establishment of the Equal Money System. I suggest Educating yourself for real and study the material before you step out to your rebellion journey that would lead to the same result it has always led to.


Note - I also suggest watching: OBEY - A Review - YouTube by Marlen Vargas Del Razo


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