Mar 2, 2013 | By: A Woman

Understanding the Design of Jealousy is the Road to Relationship Success - Day 314

Jealousy as a Design, is something we all faced or still facing throughout our lives and we all understand that Jealousy is one the components that sabotage and compromise one's relationships with other human beings.


When listening to the Relationship Success Support with regards to Jealousy, I now see, realize and understand the extent of the Design and more importantly, I understand that there is much more to uncover within the Dimensions and Layers of one single point such as Jealousy and if we take it one step further, and one would listen to the Parenting - Perfecting the Human Race, one would see where these Designs are first being introduced in the Child Life which would influence and direct all of one's relationships in one's life.

If we continue walking further in our self investigation and thus, assist and support ourselves through studying the 'Quantum Mind - Self Awareness' we would start understanding the Entire Scoop of How, why and Where we have Designed who we have become and its relationship with the Relationship we form with ourselves and others in our lives.


So back to the Point of Jealousy and specifically, Jealousy within Relationships -

Exactly like with the Point of Shame that opened up a few days ago, where we explained how Shame as a Definition was manipulated, misrepresented, diverted and distorted and thus, what should have been our Key to Self Realization as a point of Self Motivation to in fact change ourselves and thus this world as ourselves, is now being lived as a point of Negativity; as a distraction; as a reaction to the Problem instead of taking the responsibility for and as oneself and walk the Process of sorting out the Problem from its core/source/origin and therefore, prevent the problem from reoccurring again.

Jealousy is based on the same Principle - Jealousy is promoted in the Media within Movies, Magazines and TV series, Jealousy is promoted in the Education System in the Form of Competition and most importantly, it is introduce to the Child Life already in the first 7 years either with a new sibling that join the Family, through the parents Dynamics that the child would pick up or through the experience of Ownership of toys and etc.


So - Jealousy as a design was completely misunderstood and we normally have the tendency to judge and fear that which we do not understand which again, is nothing but another form of distraction from sorting out the problem from its core/root/source platform and accordingly, walk the solution necessary to Stop the Problem and Prevent it.

The real Problem was that up until a few years ago, we didn't have any access to true understanding of the relationships between the physical body, the Mind and ourselves within it which is the root/source/core of the problems that are accepted and allowed in this world as we are the creators of this world as it is today. However now, we do have access to the practical understanding with the assistance and support of the EQAFE interviews so a suggestion here is to invest in the studies presented on EQAFE to assist and support yourself to sort out the problems you are facing through seeing, realizing and understanding the core/source/root of your design and apply the necessary tools to Perfect yourself as a human being and thus, get to a point of Successful relationship with yourself and others in this world because then, we could actually start considering the practical steps in specificity of what needs to be done and how to do it in order to change this system to a system that would be in the image and likeness of ourselves as ourselves would represent in practical living application the Principle of LIFE that is best for all.




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