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Rejections as Parental Authority - Day 336

Continuing with the Question Who is Responsible for our Children's Education?

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A comment I received on my Previous blog: Rejection as Parental Control? - Day 335


"I agree to an extent. It is also key for the child to understand who is in authority. When explanation is constantly given; the child can view themselves as an equal to the parent and as entitled to an explanation and therefore justification to obey. That is a mistake."




If you haven't already, I suggest reading through Day 340: What is Authority? by creation's Journey to Life where it was explained in simple Common Sense What Real Authority is:


"Authority is the Taking of Responsibility to Produce a Form of Management, Government, Directive Principle and Outcome that is Best for Everyone…"


"...Authority is That which Life Grants Each One Equally, the Authority as Life…"


Within that context, what is Parental Authority?


"..An Authority in Parenting would be to Show the ChildWhat is Best,’ How to Coexist Best without Fear in Peace in Harmony with Everyone else, Without Abusing or Dominating another, Without Enslaving another through Fear.."


And as I've mentioned in my Previous blog:


"...The tendency of parents is to simply answer: "No" and "Because I said so", without any form of explanation, without showing the common sense behind the decision and without teaching the child how to look at all things and decides on that which is best. In that, what parents are normally missing is the understanding that with showing these things to the child, and stand as an example of how to Deal with Dilemmas, how to solve problems and more importantly, how to prevent a problem as a foundation/tool the child would effectively grow and expand themselves instead of becoming ineffective emotional machine that would shape and form their characters to either submit, rebel or suppress their experience of rejections.."


Within the context of the Comment above, it is implied that the child isn't equal and cannot be equal to their parents which is bizarre if one would look at it because: didn't the child come from the Flesh of their parents and thus, on a physical level, is equal to and one as the parent? So then thus, what separate the child from the Parent is the Belief that the child isn't equal to the parent so that the parent could superimpose their authority onto the child without realizing that this type of authority is abusive. Why?


When authority is used to perpetuate the inequality within the family structure, one do not see, realize and understand that one is in essence, doom their child to be and become ineffective human being in this world.

See, when the child doesn't receive explanation for the Parent's decision, the child would not learn how to expand their seeing through investigating all things and keep that which is best and accordingly, the child may develop the habit of accepting things as they are, even when it's not for the best and would thus, not question and see the relationships involve in any decision one is making, the outflows and the consequences. Thus, the child would not be able to evaluate and assess the problem one would face or more importantly, figure out in a practical manner how to prevent a problem from occurring.

Within this, the child would turn out to be dysfunctional being who is not able to develop reasoning thinking, common sense and become effective in this world which is exactly the reason why we live in a world where solutions and preventions is not part of our daily participation but rather, accepting the world system as it is despite of the abuse and suffering that is part is existing and a direct divertive of our world system, without ever investigate all things and keep that which is best for all.


What needs to be investigated is why the parents is unwilling to stand as their child's equal and walk as the Principle of Give as you would like to Receive. Meaning, if you place yourself in the shoes of your child: would you like to be given an answer such as "No, because I said so" without understanding the reason for the rejection, what is the starting point of the rejection and what was the parent looking at when making the decision to answer: "No.? I'm pretty sure you would not appreciate such a thing.


If one would look in self honesty, when we automatically say: "No" it is most often a reaction. Whether the reaction is coming from Fear of Past experiences, the reaction would deny us from looking in common sense at all the possibilities and outflows that are involved within a decision.

Our Children are very sensitive to their environment and therefore, within themselves, they would pick up whether or not we have been self honest and genuine in our answer/approach/decision. From there, the child would either accept or reject the Decision. Meaning, if the child accept the parent's self-dishonesty, the child would tend to submit and if the child reject the parent's Self-dishonesty, the child would try to manipulate or rebel. In both scenario, the actions and behaviour that would form a part in how the child would create their personality/character that would play a role in their adulthood lives when facing moments of decisions.

Here, I would suggest listening to Parenting - Perfecting the Human Race - Part 3 where it was specifically discussed the point of accepting or rejecting the Energies the child would pick up from their Parents words.


"...look at the consequences of a parent asserting authority over the child - as this is what has essentially made it possible for beings to exist as they are today because we raise our children to give in and/or give up their 'power' to authority, regardless of whether or not the being in an authority position is actually able to be trusted to take responsibility and make decisions that are for the best.  The teaching of 'understanding authority' leads to conflict within the individual because of the self-doubt and self-distrust as a result of being told that an authority figure is right and knows what is best - regardless of whether or not there is common sense…" (perspective written by a friend of mine who is a mother of 5 years old child)


So, what is behind the belief that the child is not our equals will be further discussed in blogs to come.


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