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Place yourself in the Shoes of Another to Understand the Extent of the Problem - Day 322

This is a continuation to my Previous blog: Are we Really Hearing with Each Other? Day - 321 where I shared the Problems that I've seen within human beings communication and within that, how we are not only Hearing each others as we Hear others through our Personality/Character we believe is ourselves but also, we are not considering the others when we share/speak with them that which is in our minds and in this, what we perceive to be a valid point to share, may lead to consequences and outflows that is out of our ability to direct, assist and support since what we shared, had already birth a dimension/layer within the other being Minds and thus, had created unnecessary friction and conflict within and as themselves. From here, they would have to have to live and face the consequences and thus it would prolong their process of self change because we abdicated our responsibility of walking in the shoes of another when and as we share a point/thought with another through our irresponsible and inconsideration of who the other is in one's totality because we didn't stand as the Directive principle, as the Living Words, as Breath, in a moment of communication with another, as a Pillar of support.

Within this blog, I will take this a step further into the world system so that we can see, realize and understand that the core/source of the world problem exists within and as our self interest human nature that hear ONLY oneself, only what Self wants to hear, will speak what Self wants to Speak and will act according to what Self believe to be valid according to one's Belief system that one had accepted and allowed as oneself. In this, One would never dare to walk in the shoes of another because then one would have to take responsibility and sort out the problem and in that, would force oneself to step out of one's comfort zone.

"...Engage the problem to understand the problem. Place yourself in all positions to gain a multi dimensional understanding. Observe where you have an interest you want to protect and why you want to protect it and justify your position. For instance – with money – place yourself with little money having to buy food and educate your children, then increase the money and see how your choices change –and then have a lot and see how you change – and then have equal money –enough for all and see why it is you are unable to give to others, yet you want for yourself – why this need to be better exist when it is not based in reality, but rather in an obsession to judge others, in an obsessive idea of inequality that makes you fear others will abuse you if there is equality – then find it in you to correct yourself to transcend the fears that you use to justify inequality –remembering the various conditions you have experienced through your imagination –now you have learned an effective way to use imagination—to understand how others live, without you having to go through it directly –make this experience valuable by changing that within you that cause others to suffer and then you will experience enlightenment and the world will become a better place when you make sure your experience that you integrate of a world where all have enough, becomes the world system in education, economics, education, politics, healthcare –we all have the capacity to teach ourselves –once we have removed our own justifications and fear of others as equals.."  

Fascinating enough, Bernard wrote this statement a few hours after an EQAFE interview was done,
The Crucifixion of Jesus - Part 28, an interview Bernard had no idea of its content, or that it was even done and I personally can confirm it as I was sitting in this interview and neither me or any other of the participants in the room had communicated with Bernard previously to the statement he wrote above.  The Interview was with regards to the Point of Walking in the Shoes of another to understand the extent of the Problem we face within this existent. This absolute alignment  between Bernard and the Dimensions emphasize that this is the point we must consider in our process of change, as the KEY to solve the problems, correct ourselves and this existent as a whole and accordingly, change this world to a world that is Best for all in all ways possible. 

So -
I was looking at my relationship with beggars for instance throughout my life and I found an interesting thing:
As a child, when I saw a beggar on the street, I used to feel discomfort within me,  I felt sorry for them, I could almost place them inside myself and experience what they are experiencing which was not a pleasant experience to say the least. As I grow older, I could less and less relate to these people and in a way, would disregard them when I was walking by them. I had developed a protection mechanism to not experience the experience I experienced as a child when seeing a beggar on the streets. I remember that around the age of 15, there was a big commotion around beggars in the news when an article exposed one  person disguising as a beggar and he used to beg for a living while owning a valuable house and some expensive cars. Some used this person as a scape goat to justify and excuse the invalidity of all beggars and in doing so, created the perceptions that Beggars are not really poor and in poverty but are acting like ones while being wealthy since it is easier to beg for money than making it in a decent job. I must say, I believed them and didn't question it because it was easier and comfortable for me to believe that the beggars I see on the street are not in great misery and suffer. In time, when my own justifications that I justified for myself didn't stand my own reasoning, I alter my justifications and justify it for myself by saying: "oh, don't give them money, they will use it to buy drugs". Within that justification, I made myself righteous and superior as if I know better and in the long run, by not giving them money, I support them.
In a later stage of my life, in the Spirituality phase, I justified the Existent of Beggars with Karma. However, in no point I could or wanted to place myself in the shoes of a Beggar like how I naturally did, as a child. What does it implies then? Am I Evolved or Devolved as I grow up? Unfortunately, I can say for myself that my Awareness has Devolved with no shadow of a doubt and what I could Physically aligned with as a child, as what was Here on a physical level was slowly but surely suppressed and abolish completely as I developed a "close and intimate" relationship with my mind within the belief that my mind is Me - and thus, slowly but surely, I've separated myself from the Physical.

The same principle works with Humanity - we have completely separated ourselves from our Physical alignment, from that which is here, from the Relationships that Life Consists of and Exists as. Each one of us is closed in the cell/chamber of our own mind, disregarding the Physical indications that something isn't right;  so far fetch, to a point of no relationship at all with our own human physical body and therefor, can live in our own deluded world we created in our mind, believing that this is Life, that this is real while reality is ignored and disregarded and that is what is Real. We will justify anything that would compromise our Experiences we create in our mind because we believe it to be real so much that we would not even consider of giving it up, for just a moment, to test other ways of living and co-existing with that which is really physically here.

So, it is not by chance that Desteni from the beginning stated that this process is to Rebirth ourselves from  and as the Physical. It means, to evolve ourselves in alignment to the Physical Reality so that we can directly see what is not right and what needs to be sorted out so that no one would experience on a physical level unnecessary experiences that do not support a Life that is Best/worthy.

We must get to a point where we place ourselves in the shoes of another and align ourselves to their Physical Level Experiences and in that moment we would See what needs to be done to support the being on a physical and mental level.
We cannot continue ignoring the Physical suffering that exists in this world, the suffering that none of us would like to experience for ourselves and yet, we are fine with the fact that others are constantly and continuously experiencing Suffer on a physical level.

So - I suggest listening to the Interview to have another perspective on what does it really mean to walk in the shoes of another and to understand for real the extensiveness of the Problem because unless we truly understand and accept that there is a problem that must be solved, we won't change the face of this world and more and more will continue to suffer because we couldn't Birth ourselves on a physical level to see directly what is here, what needs to be done and actually walk the solution.

Investigate the Equal Money System – and be the Key to Change the Existence of us all.
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