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Capitalism - The Joke is on us - Food Labeling - Day 323

Recently I started walking the Point of Education within the Current Capitalistic System and I started off with showing how we accept and allow the brainwash of ourselves and our children to become a possessed Consumer. Our acceptances and allowances is within the fact that we haven't stood up, investigated the consequences and outflows that emerged with the Consumerism phenomena and within that, the implications, both Physically and Mentally of the individual, when it comes to Marketing and Advertisements of 'Goods' in the various types of the Media channels.


Within this blog, I will be focusing on Food Labeling as I saw that it is one of the Concepts the Capitalistic System is meticulously avoiding within what I saw in the website, questions and answers.


The Problem


Shouldn’t the government force private businesses to label what is done to food they sell, such as if the food is genetically altered?

In the present “organic” food movement (no “unnatural” chemicals) the organic growers have to lobby the government to define what the term “organic” means (I’ve read of complaints that the government is redefining it to something different from which those who market such foods intended).

However, in most supermarkets if you want “organic” we don’t label all “non-organic” foods as “non-organic”; we simply label the organic foods as “organic”.

This same principles governs the label of other kinds of foods.

The proper response to the genetically altered food issue is not to force anyone to label anything, but for some private label to label their foods “non-genetically altered”, and to define the rules that allow other food companies to use this term (and then to trademark the brand name so the government cannot takeover the term).

This private certification system will satisfy those who only wish to buy “non-genetically altered” foods, without placing a burden on those who wish to sell genetically altered foods. It will be up to the private label company to enforce the use of their “non-genetically altered” label/brand. This is sort of like the “Good Housekeeping” seal.

Those who are concerned about the “genetically-altered” issue can purchase these private label brands — those who don’t think it is a valid issue can purchase everything else (which will more then likely be cheaper). Anyone who sells genetically altered foods will not be able to use the “non-genetically altered” approval logo.

What we do not need, is the situation we have now: where the government decides by initiating force via mandatory labeling — as opposed to having consumers choose.



Again, what was fascinating is the deliberateness of avoiding the Question as the answer Focused on what would be Presented as 'Good' within the Human Consciousness/Mind. In the Question, the Genetic modification of Food labeling was just an example given to clarify the Question. In fact, the Question in itself reveal a concerning point that was obviously not addressed within the answer


Food Labeling, if was done correctly within the Principle of What is Best for all, would have consists of all the information required for the individual to make an informative decision regarding the food one feed one's body. However, at the moment, we have NO clue regarding the nutrition we feed our body with, we have NO clue if the information is correct and yet, we believe it is correct because we Trust the Justice System to protect us while forgetting all along the First Amendment of Freedom of Speech where the Corporations protect themselves with because there is no way one could prove the Harm caused to one's health by false labeling of food and without this proof, the Food Labeling, misguided as it can be, is protected by the First Amendment.


Those of us who are healthy, do not take into consideration the consequences of False/misguided Food Labeling however for those of us who are dependent on such information, it is a day to day living consequences they have to come to peace with because there is no one in this world system that protect them and take care of them. For instance, one that has Diabetes type 1 and must calculate each and every bite one intake into one's body as this bite will influence the amount of units of Insulin one would have to inject oneself with - when the Food labeling is incorrect or misguided, it can result with a life threatening situation/condition in a matter of no time. For more context, please read first hand experience of Diabetes Type 1 patient with regards to the misinformed labeling. 


Furthermore, the current education system keeps the Humans so limited from the perspective of not teaching and guiding the humans with the necessary life skills that are required to support oneself and one's body and thus, despite of having Food labelling on most products, only a few individuals can actually understand what the information means and how to use the information to be able to support the body with the necessary body's requirement to function in its utmost supportive and effective way.


As I was showing in my Blog: The Evolution of the Capitalistic System as a Mirror of the Human Consciousness - Day 312, the tendency of those who in favour of the Capitalistic System is to always shift responsibility. Here we can see it again within the statement:


"What we do not need, is the situation we have now: where the government decides by initiating force via mandatory labeling — as opposed to having consumers choose."

Thus here, instead of the Corporation taking responsibility for what they produce and sell, the capitalistic Favourite approach is to shift the responsibility to the Consumer to Choose but the real question is - Choosing from WHAT? how can one make a real Free Choice if one do not have the information or the skills required to make a Free Choice? I mean, it is a simple 1+1 Common Sense Equation and yet, we accept and allow this type of manipulation because we haven't yet developed a reasoning thinking to actually question what the corporation feed us, both literally and as figure of speech.


Obviously, there are many Economical reasons for the Corporation to not provide with the correct information and if one investigate, one would see that again, the root/cause/source of the problem is always relates to Money, Profit and Greed on the Expense of the Individual.



The Solution


Informed Decision-Making

"Within Capitalism, the assumption  is made that the consumer always has full knowledge available about the products they can buy - and thus, that they are always able to make informed decisions about the purchases they make - and that this mechanism, therefore - makes it so that only the best quality products are bought and stimulated to be produced, while inferior products will phase out. Obviously - this is currently not the case. The only point that is shared (and not even that comprehensively) is the ingredients. Labeling within Equal Money Capitalism will include not only ingredients, but also how the price was established - who contributed to the production process, what share of the profit goes to these participants - what are the externalities involved in terms of the harm that was caused towards the environment in the form of pollution and what resources were involved to produce the product, etc."



To add - within the Education System we will learn applicable life skills and within that, will understand how to make informative decisions on the individual level of responsibility however, the corporation will be responsible for the release of information required for one to be able to make a responsible and informative Decision.


The Reward


For myself I have found that specific types of food do not support my physical body and it took me a while to isolate the points to be able  pinpoint which types of food isn't align with my body. With Informative labeling that are specific and detailed, I wouldn't have to walk a period of testing to figure out what is the source of my problems and I'm sure that many could relate to that.


With Skills to understand and calculate the ingredients and nutrition, one would be able to assess with great accuracy what would be best for one's body and our life style would change dramatically as so many of us won't walk around with uncomfortable feeling inside our body due to food consumption that was not supportive for our bodies. 


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