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The Santa Claus Conspiracy - Can a Child Trust their Parents? - Day 334

Continuing with the Question Who is Responsible for our Children's Education?

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How can we expect our children to trust and respect us when from the first moment they are able to understand and comprehend Language, we deceive and lie to them with the Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy Stories?


How can we Establish a relationship that is supportive and effective with our children when the foundation of the relationship is taint with 'White Lies'?


How is it that we justify to ourselves why it is OK to go along with the Santa/Fairy story? And why we have never questioned the Psychological effects such 'White Lie' may have on the Subconscious and Unconscious mind level and how that would may influence how the Child would develop one's characters/personalities and thus, one's Relationships with themselves and others?


See, the problem is that we have been accepting and allowing our Beliefs to exists without first questioning it or looking in common sense at all the outflows and possibilities that may results with our actions upon these beliefs. For instance, we believe that telling a 'white lie' to our children, such as the Santa/Fairy story, is an innocence thing. But is it really? I mean, we can't even remember our own reactions when we found out the truth: that we were lied to by our own parents who we trusted so much and so, we are continuing the sin of our fathers and pass it on to our children because apparently, what cannot be remembered, cannot harm anyone. However, have we ever unconditionally trusted our Parents after the first time we caught them telling us a lie? In Self Honesty… the answer is No because in one way or another, we stored this memory within ourselves. We might not remember it but it is still there as long as we haven't taken the directive principle and removed the memory from and as ourselves, this memory would be part of our Personality/character and part of our decision making. Here I suggest investigating the Power of the Quantum mind.


What we haven't realized is: We teach our children that Lying is Valid whether we name it a white Lie or small Lie and we would even justify it to ourselves by saying that "Everyone Lies and it's Ok because it is done to protect our children because they are not ready to face the world/reality and they are not able to cope with this world/reality and they are not ready to handle the truth" while the truth is that we teach our children to lie and feel no shame about it because Lying is a detrimental part our survival on earth.

And, so within so without I mean, isn't it what our Politicians do? Our Government? And how it is justify? Through saying that people are irrational being and the information must be control for their own safety. Isn't that right?


"what Parents Fear the Most is that their children will be Exposed to the truth and thus would fiercely Protect the Lie they taught their children and use from Young a PecuLIAR Excuse as a Lie when Children ask Questions that Question the Lie, by Saying: ‘God only Knows Why” – these Words are a Lie and children and parents using these words are lying desperately or in Some Cases, Covering Up a Lie as Everyone Knows Subconsciously, this Lie has worked for Generations and is a Safe Lie, that is Accepted as the Human Way that Dare Not be Questioned – and that Questioning this lie, is to be Disrespectful towards God and the faith of a Person and thus an attack on a person’s character. The Fact that this lie is used to Perpetuate global suffering at an unprecedented Scale, is IGNORED and the Lie is also Used to Justify why Suffering Exists, by echoing – ‘GOD only Knows.’ " (Creation's Journey to Life - Day 106: Living the Lie)


And so, let me ask again.. Who is responsible for our Children's Education? It is us, there is no real question about it and therefore, it is about time we start questioning the foundation of ourselves, our beliefs, our culture, our religion, our government, our values and accordingly, stop brainwashing our children to be and become irrational beings that require to be controlled to survive in this world; stop our blinded submission to this world system that allow the abuse and suffering of so many. Let's take responsibility for our children through first taking responsibility upon ourselves. Wouldn't you agree?



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Wow - I was looking at precisely the same point the other day and I agree! Thanks 4 sharing!

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