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Does Integrity Exist in our Education System? - Day 330



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For those of you who are not aware, the Destonians and thus myself, were participating in an Experiment taken place on one of the Social Networks called Quora. What is interesting about Quora is the Diversity of Educated beings from across the globe, who are coming together and having respectful discussions between themselves. We joined these discussions and were satisfied from the Quora Platform of communication until one day, our old Anonymous "friend" came to Quora to make another attempt to diminish our group through preaching Fear, Harassment and Hate Speech. What the Anonymous 'Friend' didn't take into consideration was the Training Process he indirectly put us through during the past few years and how our Stand within who we are, our level of communication and our Strength as a group became significant, through each one of his attempts to bring us down. But anyway, this is not the point of this blog.

What I found fascinating with this experiment was seeing the Educated beings falls one by one into the trap of Fear that activated their blunt self interest. What was even more fascinating was seeing how they had justified the abuse that the current capitalistic system is creating through their so called 'Higher level of Education' credentials.

This Experiment shows exactly what Chomsky meant when speaking the following words:

"Mass education was designed to turn independent farmers into docile, passive tools of production. That was its primary purpose. And don't think people didn't know it. They knew it and they fought against it. There was a lot of resistance to mass education for exactly that reason. It was also understood by the elites. Emerson once said something about how we're educating them to keep them from our throats. If you don't educate them, what we call "education," they're going to take control -- "they" being what Alexander Hamilton called the "great beast," namely the people. The anti-democratic thrust of opinion in what are called democratic societies is really ferocious. And for good reason. Because the freer the society gets, the more dangerous the great beast becomes and the more you have to be careful to cage it somehow."

Source: Noam Chomsky, David Barsamian (1996) Class Warfare: Interviews with David Barsamian. Monroe, ME: Common Courage Press


If one take a moment to watch the Documentary: The College Conspiracy,  one would be able to understand how the Mass crowd is control and enslaved through our Education System that places the required Filters for one to Believe only that which exists in one's mind despite the Physical evidence that shows the exact opposite. Accordingly, one would justify the System and deny the Consequences the system creates by the necessary rewards the system would give to those that submit. The specific 'how' that is done is revealed is the Documentary 'The Century of the Self' and the Success of the Brainwash was shown to us on the Qoura Experiment.


The Educated beings on Qoura, couldn't step beyond their Learnt limitation of how they see the world and within that, couldn't practice Reasoning thinking or Critical thinking for themselves. That in itself question the Education System because we could expect educated beings to develop some form of Reasoning thinking or at least take a moment to actually investigate the point they were exposed to for the first time before jumping to conclusions and making the decision to completely deny and ignore new information.


I have witnessed Educated beings, CEO, mangers, Engineers, scientists etc. on Qoura, reacting to their Fear of Equality without even questioning the origin of the Fear they experienced and so thus, are in complete control of the System of Abuse that exploit these fear for the maintenance of the Beasts.


Another point we can see is the Power of the Crowd that can be extremely vicious when it comes to the protection of one's self interest. The Anonymous, who is paid internet troll started a Propaganda on Quora against Desteni and the Equal Money System which drawn the Educated people into one unit of Abusive power. Their words, no longer represented intelligence or Integrity, their words became poison because they felt stronger with their peers coming together to defend the system of abuse and so protested against the Principle the Destonians and the Equal Money System stand for and as - Equality as what is best for all. 


So I'm asking - Is there Integrity in the Current Education System? The answer should be very clear - NO!

What would be the Solution? Unfortunately, a long process ahead of us as we slowly but surly remove the limitations we installed throughout our educational years and re-educate ourselves within developing Reasoning Thinking, Real Common sense and Practically apply the corrections required to sort out the mess we have created within and without. I must say - I thank the Internet trolls, I thank the Anonymous abusers that so kindly assisting and supporting us to see so clearly the solutions for the problems we face in this world. We stand stronger, we stand motivated to guide humanity into a new age of Life Skilled and Educated Humans that slowly but surely start emerging more and more and together we stand up, no longer accepting and allowing any form of abuse and thus take our power back to ourselves and correct the system to a system that support Life.


Will you stand with us? You Decide.

Remember to Investigate all things and keep that which is best for all. Remember to apply Jesus's Principle:

Do unto another that which you have liked to be done unto you and Love your Neighbour as yourself. After 2013 years, I would say it is time to walk the talk and establish a world that is based upon these Principles. Wouldn't you?


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