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Discovering the Excitement of LIFE (Part 2) - Day 325



Marlen 6Continuing with my Previous blog where I started walking the Design of Excitement and how it came to be the stepping stone from which we keep ourselves busy in our mind as the External force that would give us the 'Space' to cope with our Physical Reality.


We start our Journey into Excitement Creation already as Childs when our Parents takes us for a trip in the weekend which we look forwards to during the week. We are so excited because we know that the day to day living responsibilities are off for just a moment and we could be 'Free' in a way, stay up late, spend the time with our parents that are normally at work and we know that we are going to get treats that are usually forbidden but are allowed on vacations. We are also very much excited to come back from the trip and tell our friends all about it and what special things we did and you know, deep down we also excited about a momentary feeling of being 'more' than those whom parents cannot afford these vacations.


I always had something to look forwards to as a child and as a grownup; whether it was a vacation with my family or a one day trip, or graduating and going to the army and then got excited to get my chance to travel around the world after the army and fly a few times with friends to Thailand. I always created something for me to look forwards to and be excited about but now when I look at it - my Expectations and Excitements NEVER met the Physical reality and I always got disappointed from how things played and it was ok as long as  there was always a point to look forwards to.

At some stage, the money ran out and I couldn't funds my fantasies so I had to create fantasies I can accomplish with no money involved (only after taking a big loan to funds my desires which turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life as I'm still stuck with the consequences). The pattern persists - I create a Desire, I become Excited about it, I start being obsessed and possessed about the possibility of having my desire fulfilled and then I face the Fear of Lose that my Prospect original Desire  won't manifest and I start being more obsessed and possessed by it until I rather get to the point of Excitement only to find out that it wasn't what I was expecting it to be and thus, I become totally depressed that I couldn't get what I wanted and my Fear of lose became the Reality.


What have I missed throughout this all Process - the Excitement of being alive through/by/with every single breath I take! I mean, how stupid that is? that we never considered the Breath as Life, as the Ultimate point of Excitement as appreciation that Life is Here and I have a chance to Live with/as my Physical Body because I'm BREATHING and the BREATH is that which gives me Life.


So then, What Excitement has to do with Consumerism? Everything! Where do we get all of our ideas that we get excited about if not from the Advertisements, Marketing and commercials we see all around, as the Rewards we can gift ourselves for the hard work we do either in School, job or other responsibilities we carry on.


Where have we lost the Real Physical Excitement of a simple thing as Breathing by Externalizing Excitement through gadgets, new clothes, vacations, love, wedding, kids, grandkids all of which required Energy to create within and as ourselves to sustain the Excitement that would be either fulfilled or turns into a complete disappointment which from there, we start again and create the new Excitement point to reach to but we Never stop for a moment to actually investigate our Desires and Fears that are the foundation of our addiction for Energy, for Excitement as the Driving force of ourselves within our lives.


It doesn't matter in which form or towards what we are excited about - the Pattern/Design is the same and would circulate in the same way for eternity until we stop.


"Why to stop?, who will I be without having anything to look forwards to? Wouldn't it be boring? What would motivate me to be better, greater, extraordinary?".

Yes, I understand that this may be your backchat and/or resistance to what I am sharing so let's look at this in the following way:
The things we are excited about are normally related to Money and the fact that not everyone on earth has the access to these things is in itself invalidate the point within the Equality Equation and the Principle of 'Do to another that which you would like to be done to you'. I would rather live in a world where everyone has access to have a vacation if they wanted to, have access to food or a new cloth if required, I would rather live in a world where we realize the Excitement of Life within each and every breath and within that, consider each other's breath and their Equal right to have their breath within a Life that is worth while.


But also, the fact that we conditioned ourselves to a Future External Fantasy/Desire, as a point in the Future we can be excited about is a concerning point by itself from the perspective of us requiring something, in separation of ourselves to motivate and move us instead of us moving and directing ourselves in absolute awareness in any given moment.


Now, most of us that have experienced the point of our Excitement that tend to fade away when we finally get to the point of achievement which is in most cases, nothing like we imagined it to be; We then go into a slight sadness or even depression until we get ourselves out of it with a new generation of Energy build up for our next future point to look forward to. So here, when we establish gratefulness within each breath we take and discover what does it really mean 'the Excitement of Life', we won't experience these ups and downs and would simply live as what is best in any given moment. Isn't that wonderful? Isn't that by itself the self driven point that would motivate oneself to stand as the expression of Excitement of Breath as Life?





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