Mar 16, 2013 | By: A Woman

War by Other Means - Day 326

21 years ago, John Pilger investigated the Consequences of the World Bank's loans given to the Developing Countries and shared his insights and realization in his Documentary called: War by all Means.

If you read the book The confession of the economic hit man, you'll have a greater understanding of the starting point of giving these loans which was to make sure the developing countries will forevermore remain as ‘developing countries’ and always in debt in favour of the great America Empire.


However, as I've extensively written about it and also lots of Documentaries show the cruelty of mankind and why it is our Responsibility to stand up and correct the problem and thus, I won't write the same thing again within this blog. What I will be focusing on is a concerning question we should all ask ourselves and maybe through this self-questioning, we could see, realize and understand why is it that humanity is so blind from seeing directly what we are accepting and allowing in this world and why is it that no one has ever stood up to in fact and demand a change of the world system.


21 years ago, I was in the 5th grade. 21 years ago, the school curriculum could have included the necessary knowledge and information to assist and support me in understanding how this world functions and yet, it was never taught, revealed or exposed but rather, our curriculum was focused on irrelevant knowledge and information that in no way advance, empower or pushed me to become an effective human being in this world but quite to the contrary.


What is fascinating is that throughout my educational years in school, the same pattern repeated itself - "Never Forget and Never Forgive" and within that statement, what was implied is that we should NEVER see, realize and understand that we are the cause of the problem that exists in this world; and the holocaust was just a tiny part of human history while Millions of people die from the consequences of Power, Greed and Control of those with the Money to do so, where Hitler is consistently being vilified while those that are directly responsible for unjustified wars and unjustified debt that caused and still causes massive starvation and health conditions, are not even brought up in the educational curriculum. 21 years ago, it could have stopped or at least be prevented to not get to the point the world is in now. 21 years and Millions of people died from unnecessary deaths because we do not forget and do not forgive and do nothing to prevent the problem that got to its peak of absolute day to day cruelty that we accept and allow because we were never educated to understand what is the cause of the problem, how to solve the problem and how to prevent the problem from ever occurring again.


To Clarify what I mean by 'unnecessary death': As you read this lines, people are dying from hunger; from diseases that could have been treated with Medical care which is not accessible for the majority of this world; From Consequences such as unpurified water for Drinking; From being caught up in a war zone simply because they were born to a world of Inequality etc. All of the above and many more causes, could have been prevented with a proper education for mankind to understanding what is really going on in this world and How we created it, our responsibility within it and what needs to be done to correct the current living condition that we face. 


Now understand, I'm not supporting what was done in the holocaust and I'm not supporting Hitler's actions, I'm simply showing that the holocaust is still existing all around the world, but we do not hear about it because it is not as extensive as it was in the holocaust time, it is moderated and distributed in a way that it doesn't seem that there is a massive murder every day - a murder that could have been prevented years ago and yet, it was not. My main concern is how long it will take us to define Poverty and Starvation as a massive murder so that we could feel enough Shame to stand up and correct that which must be corrected?


It is so convenient to point figures towards others and blame them for what have been done to our ancestors while not seeing, realizing and understanding that we are the ones to blame for the mass murder that is accepted and allowed EVERY DAY, throughout the world.


So, my question is, and this is what you should ask yourself too:  Why do we not learn at school what is really going on in this world, How does the Economic system really function and what are the values that are accepted and allowed, the values through which we have pushed this world to become a world of agreeable daily mass murder, Why is it that the knowledge and information required to transform our kids to be effective human beings that understand what self responsibility practically implies in this world is not been taught? Yet we can.






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