Mar 14, 2013 | By: A Woman

Discovering the Excitement of LIFE (Part 1) - Day 324

panumara 3Today, I will start walking the Relationship between Excitement and Consumerism and within that, how we have conditioned our lives and that which gives us Life - our real Physical Breath, to an External Forces that would give us the Energy Boosts for just one moment until it fade away and the energy drains out which from there, we would start accumulating and building up the necessary Energy for the next best thing that would give us the Experience we Desire for, without ever realizing that our Desires have been created through the Pictures we see in our environment; through the Stories we hear from our Friends; through the Fantasies and Imagination we participate in our mind; through Comparison and Competitions; 


The Design of Excitement came to be a dominant point that through which we live as Energetic Batteries that constantly seeking after the next Gadget, the next Event, the next Experience, the next Love, the next vacation, the next Party - anything that would fulfil us for a moment until we drain out again and would require another shoot of Adrenalin boost to keep us going and moving on in our lives.


Let's have a look at the following example (note, the Example is deliberately extreme to emphasize the point and make some fun while we are walking this point however, most of us will Experience the same point with different velocity, pictures and fantasies) 

Ok, so you are watching a Romantic movie that take place in an exotic island  with beautiful beaches, people, music food.. Now, the movie and/or a Picture in the Movie was installed in your mind and it activated a Desire within you to Experience the Magic of this island for yourself. From that moment, you start imagining yourself lying on the soft white send, under the sun, with a cocktail in your hand and a flower necklace on your neck and you see yourself enjoying yourself, listening to the waves of the ocean, closing your eyes and taking a rest and suddenly, "unexpectedly" the most hot guy/girl is approaching you and you two start talking for hours until the sun goes down and then you realized that you didn't eat all day so you go together and eat dinner and you drink some more and... you completely fell in love.


IMG_0574 (Large)So you develop the fantasy to great detail in your mind and decide to start saving the funds to make it happen and you can't stop thinking about the Experience you are about to face. You share it with your friends and you add more details to your fantasy and soon enough, you are on your way to fulfil your Desires. By now, the excitement level are extremely high and you completely possessed by the trip you are about to face and you count the minutes until the plain take off and after a few hours (or days) you reach your destination and situate yourself on the soft white send with the Cocktail and the flower necklace. By now you already realized that it isn't exactly as you imagine it to be but you come to peace with it because your Excitement levels are still so high and you can not wait to see how things plays out.


The first day is gone and still.. No prince/princess charming are at sight but you keep on waiting and hoping that something will happened. At some stage you realize you might made a mistake by going all alone but you still hope that things work out. By now, the Excitement is not so high but the Desire is very much existing.  Maybe in the next day, you would give up on your original fantasy and start socialize yourself with others like you that came in the hope to find their love of their life.


Eventually the vacation is over and you go back, disappointed, but you won't admit it and you'll tell your friends how amazing it was and what great people you met and how much you cannot wait until the next time you fly there because, between you and I, you don't want to be the only fool - you want others to fall in the same trapped you got yourself in, so that you won't feel like a complete loser. but… what will you do now? You will start generating the next Desired Excitement in your mind although, maybe this time it will be something a bit more moderated then the previous one because let's face it, this journey cost you quite a bit..


Here is an example of a Desire you created within and as yourself when and as a picture you saw in a movie activate the Desire and because within your Physical Reality, you were able to go after this Desire, you slowly but surely started to accumulate the necessary Energy as Excitement, as your Living force, as your way to cope with the Ordinary life you normally have. Once you get to your Destination and the Imaginary Reality doesn't meet your Physical reality, the Energy, that which was your Driving force, drops, and it is normally when you would start feeling Depressed and Frustrated. The more your Excitement was charged, the more your Disappointment, Depression and Frustration and thus, the more motivated you are to create another point in the future to look forward to.


IMG_0110 (Large)Ok, for the Positive readers - Let's say though, that your dream girl/guy did show and you did fell in love and you did fulfil your Desires and you are now in the utmost energy pick one can imagine. We all know that the Energy will not last for long and  slowly but surely, it would start fading away. Then what? wouldn't you still be seek after the next energy boost that you could provide for yourself because you have conditioned yourself to always needing something in the future to look for, as an external force that keeps you alive while all along, the very thing that keeps you physically alive is your Breath, which we all take for granted without realizing and understanding that without Breath, we couldn't even imagine our desires or be disappointment when our desires didn't stand in the Physical reality - no matter how the Design of Excitement played out - the only way it could play out is with the Breath that we take in every single moment which we do not value in anyway whatsoever. 


Will continue in the next blog with more examples and points to consider in relation to the Creation of Excitement and its relationship to Consumerism.


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