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There is NO Integrity in Charity - Exposing Problems continued - Day 298


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Problem No.4:

The Lack of Integrity in the World System


The Problem I will show today exists within the current system as a whole however, I would utilize the Charity point as an example of what is being accepted and allowed and within this, I would utilize the David Beckham example as it exposed itself yesterday quite magnificently in term of what is behind the secret doors of Charity as well as the Cover-up that Money can Buy to 'protect' one's Rights; the rights that involved with the abuse and harm that is allowed in this world. 


It is not a secret that some Celebrities have utilized this all point of giving to Charity as a Pure PR Stunts.

If one search the internet, one would find numerous amount of Articles exposing the Dark Side of Celebrity Charity.


For Further context, please read

Beckham's PSG salary donation wasn't for charity... it was a brilliant PR stunt

Unfortunately, what you will not be able to read is the article that was published yesterday and was Removed for some mysterious reason:

David Beckham's failure to pick a charity to benefit from his £70k-a-month salary fuels critics' claims the donation was a ...


Here, David Backham was exposed with his Faked Charity donation however, as this compromise his reputation, some magic forces were able to remove the specific details of his doing; Forces that are driven by Money as it is only through Money, that Media is driven by. Free Speech Protecting Abuse and Harm of so Many while Human Rights, real Human Rights protection is none to be seen.


Where did we learn it from? What is the Physiological methodology we are acting upon? For this, I suggest watching the Century of the Self - This series is about how those in power have used Freud's theories to try and control the "dangerous crowd" in an age of mass democracy.


This brings me to the point of what is really behind the scene of Charity and who are the real beneficiaries  of Charity. I was looking at the relationship between Charity and Revolutions/Protests and when it is that the Politicians comply with the Mass will for change. What I keeps coming back is to the question: "Is it only when those who are in power and control have nothing to lose that they allow what appear to be changes? And if so, is it really a change or a disguised change to keep the mass quiet for a while, until the next wave will emerged and the same would repeat itself?"


For instance, when watching the documentary Why Poverty - Give us the Money it is quite Clear that Bush had nothing to lose with the Africa's Debt forgiveness but he had a lot to gain from it. Meaning, Africa would have never pay back its debt so deleting the debt has no real consequences and/or influences on the greater scale and yet, Bush gain good publicity that serve his inner secret planning of the Iraq take over.


Then, why the Politicians allow Charity to the extent of supporting it with Tex Reduction? What in it for the Politicians? For the Government? What is it that they do not fear to lose? With Charities, they lose nothing as they do not have to take the absolute responsibility and thus Poverty, starvation, ineffective humans can expand and grow while the rich becomes richer and the poor become poorer.


The only unknown factor is to what level there will be political influences in law or shell we name the game for what it is - the influence of the 1% of the 1% in the Laws. As one can see in the Documentary 'The Koch Brothers Exposed' Particular ideas are pushed to benefit those in Power and as such, the emphasize of the psychology of Democracy is to create a corrupt political legal system as that would allow the populous to be corrupt as well, and to feel no need for integrity as a principle of 'As above so below' operates.


This has been part of government and human consciousness forever and this has been used to allow the easy raping of resources as well as the Enslavement of the Majority of Humanity; The ideology and psychology is that the populous acts without integrity because they feel that the government and the legal system is without integrity, and there will be no challenge in abusing the world resources.

This is why, on the individual Level, we allow ourselves to continue abusing and harming the Earth Resource and each other for that matter. We have been led by Example and fortunately, not a Best for all Example.


This philosophy and psychology works extremely well for the wealthy and supports the principle of self interest and personal happiness to a massive degree and it is one of the fundamental issues we will have to address within ourselves and within the group of humanity.


The point is - we were blind to see that the real core/root/source of Charities and Philanthropy is to perpetuate the Wealth/Poor Gap  in this world and the accepted and allowed Corruption that create the Suffering and Harm of so Many for Greed, Power and Control.


If the Politicians and Government were really Genuine in their Desire to End Poverty, they would have done so and as I will show in the next blogs to come, they could have done so quite easily. The fact that they have not and the Justified evident of Charity outcomes, proves the inner Secret Mind of not only those in power and control, but of ourselves as individuals that had given the Power to those in Power to continue the cycle of Self Interest, Greed, Power, Control and most if not most important, the Inhuman actions that has been accepted and allowed in this world.


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