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The Hidden Agenda of the Corporate Philanthropy - Exposing Problems continued - Day 299



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    Problem No. 5.1

    Corporate Philanthropy - overview


    Today it stroked me again, how clueless I really am with regards to the Forces that move and direct this world.

    The truth is that I'm struggling with an article that I've been reading for hours now and I'm only half way through: Capitalism: A Ghost Story by Arundhati Roy where she, in a very detailed and specific ways, shows the dark side of the current Capitalism and how the Corporate Philanthropy plays a huge role in the Enslavement, Abuse and Harm of the Human Race.


    So, todays blog will be only to share with you the above article as I see that I have much more to learn and study before I would be able to speak about Corporate Philanthropy in detail.


    The extent of our ignorance is unbearable and therefore, we must commit within ourselves, to walk a process of Education to be able to see, realize and understand what is really going on in this world, right under our unaware nose.


    I find it fascinating that a woman my age, that is defined by the system as intelligent with a B.A in Business and Financial risk management and L.L.B  (Bachelor of Laws), has no real Clue of how this world functions as I was never taught or dared to teach myself Economic and Politics for Real within all its dimensions and layers of it.


    However, as the saying says - 'Better Late than Ever'; however, unfortunately we are running out of time (Watch 'Blind Spot' Documentary) so I urge you to start your Educational processes so that from here, we can take Matters into Matter and Correct the Harm and Abuse we all Silently accepted and allowed generation after generation.




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