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The Dark Side of Humans and Charities - Exposing Problems continued - Day 297

This is a continuation to:

Charity and Activism - why is it a Capitalistic Scheme - Part 1 - Day 294

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I remember, as a child in junior-high school, we were asked to go one day after school and raise funds for a cancer charity organization. We went in groups of 2, door to door, and asked people to donate their money. in return, we gave them a ticket/invoice and our goal was to finish the ticket/invoice booklet. My friend and I were very good at it and we were able to finish the booklet in a few hours. That made us wonder whether or not we should do it more often however, we wanted to get paid for our work.


We found an organization that promoted themselves in the 'workers are needed' ads in the newspaper - they promoted that they would send us a booklet via the post mail and we will raise the funds on our own time. Then, we were supposed to take half of what we were able to get from people donating their money to Charity and keep it for ourselves and send half of the money to the 'organization'.


Now understand, we were about 15 years old, very much naïve and if it weren't for our sisters that explained to us what we are about to do, we would have go along with it.

My Sister explained to me that I'm dealing with a fraud and that if it was real charity organization, they wouldn't give us half of the money that should have reached those that are in need. She told me that the people that donate their money for charity, believes that they are donating their money to charity and not half of it to me. I could see the common sense in her words and decided to drop it but the temptation was big, I could have made 100$ in a matter of a few hours and for a kid that age, 100$ is a lot of spending money, specifically when at that time, I was working in the afternoons in a small shop and earned that sum of money in 9 working days.


However, how many kids do not have older sister or parents to explain to them what these kind of Frauds are all about? How many organizations like these, exploit the innocence of a child to make a fortune? How many people are being fooled into the belief that their Donation is for a good cause but at the end, their monies are going into the pockets of thieves?


This story of mine is happening on a small scale however, fortunately, it also happening on a bigger scale all the time. Here are some articles and videos that I collected:

Charity Fraud - Wikipedia

Charity Scams Exposed - This short BBC interviews showing how easily it is to create  falsely Funds raising pockets and how it has been utilized in times of horrific crises to 'play' on human's heart.

September 11 charity schemes - This article discussing the many charities that started up after the September 11 attacks for the primary reason of individual profit.

New York woman accused in alleged Newtown charity scam - Nouel Alba is accused of using her Facebook account to solicit money from those wanting to donate to Connecticut mass shooting' families, claiming that the money was to be used for a "funeral fund," while she didn't used the monies for such purposes.


Honestly, there are much more information about Charity Schemes all over the internet - it is a huge business that can only be allowed within a society that is striving for one's survival to the extent of which one would do what ever it takes, no matter who gets hurt on the way, to have the monies necessary to support themselves and their family. Yes, some takes it to the extreme of becoming Rich from such schemes however, we cannot blame them as it is our collective accepted and allowed  of a world system that forces such behaviour within the principle of Survival.


It seems that charities benefits mostly the 'wrong' people meaning - it never reach in full capacity to those who are really in need and if anything, it mostly benefit those who were in power positions in the first place.

Obviously, Within the Equal Money Capitalism that will all change fundamentally as you could see in the Solutions that we will present for the Problem of Charities. 


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