Feb 17, 2013 | By: A Woman

Realizing the Extent of the Problem - Day 303

The other day I was reading through the writings in the Capitalism.org website and I realized the extent of the problem we are facing. I became really angry and couldn't understand initially why I was so angry and why I couldn't let the anger go for an hour or so. When I investigated within and as myself what is the nature of the anger, where in my life I have faced this type of anger, what is the cause of the anger and so on, I traced the anger to the point of a real understanding of the task ahead in terms of changing the world.

The anger was mostly because of facing the stupidity of the Human Race which include myself and I mean, how stupid can we be to not see the problems and see how simplistic the solution is. how can we live with ourselves knowing that there is massive problem in this world and yet, do nothing to correct the problem.

For me, the Equal Money System seems such a simplistic system that would benefit all living forces in existent because the Value that the Equal money system is based on is the Value of life that was never respected and honoured before.


I can see clearly why and how the Equal Money System is THE solution and yet, I can also see why most human cannot agree with such simplistic solution. That has to do with Extensive Brainwashing, Promotion and infusion of Self Interest within Human Consciousness and an example for it, we can see within the following words:



What about the poor under capitalism?

The other side of that question is: what about those who are not poor?

What of them? Let us not forget that the “rich” are people too, and they also have the right to their life, their right to liberty, and their right to their property, and their right to pursue happiness.

What of the poor under capitalism?

As for poverty, under capitalism, no poor man is prohibited from creating a fortune — observe that in late 19th century and early twentieth century America how hundreds of really “poor” immigrants, who could not even speak a word of English, came to America and within a generation were America’s newest elite — and they did it without the government on their backs, or on the backs of others. Even today, in semi-free America, many such immigrants come here starting with nothing and create fortunes — though this is a rarer occurrence due to the vast weight of the volumes of incoherent and irrational regulations that punish those who have an urgent need to accumulate capital (the poor).

Your question accepts the collectivist premise that wealth is a static quantity owned by that amorphous super-organism the “collective” to be looted from those individuals who create it. The “poor” don’t need government handouts — they need government off their backs and most importantly off the backs of those who can really help them — the “rich.”

What is the cause of mass poverty?

To answer the question, “What about the poor under capitalism?” one must first answer, “Why are there poor people in the first place?” The source of all poverty is the lack of wealth, which must be produced. The source of production (and thus wealth) is man’s mind, which politically has only one requirement: freedom. Politically, this is the single cause of mass poverty: the lack of freedom. Observe the poorest countries are those where capitalism is lacking.

What is the solution to mass poverty?

Capitalism did not create poverty, but it inherited it. Far from being a cause of poverty, laissez-faire capitalism is the only solution to solving it.

Observe that the freedom that a rich man needs to maintain and add to his wealth, is the same freedom a poor man needs to create his wealth — and the creation of wealth for both, has the same root — reason. The only requirement of reason from the state is entirely singular in principle: freedom, that is, the banishment of the initiation of force from all social relationships. Yet, this is precisely the freedom that the “humanitarians” do not wish to give either of them, since this “right” to freedom and liberty, can only come at the expense of the alleged humanitarian’s “might.”

“Those humanitarians who claim to help the poor, but oppose capitalism, do not really have the interests of the poor in mind.” [AR paraphrase I think, need to check.]

Since all men are free to create wealth under capitalism, no one is forced into poverty, as in non-capitalist countries. In a capitalist country, the only poor are those who choose to remain so of their own free-will (such as many of the “back to nature” types who wish to live like hippies).

Keep in mind that the moral justification of capitalism is not the it serves the “needs of the many”, but that it protects the rights of every individual — in particular, it protects the individual from the “many” (majority). Capitalism is not egalitarian, nor “compassionate”; Capitalism is just.

What of those who cannot truly help themselves?

The few individuals in a capitalist society who are incapable of taking care of themselves — such as the retarded, crippled, and orphans (which are a small and tiny minority in any free country) — are provided for through voluntary means, i.e., private charity."


Here, is just a small example of how Brainwash is being done and how 'Rationality' has been promoted to justify the inequality, abuse and harm that exists in this world.


The words marked in Red are the points I will expand on in blogs to come as well as many other examples that would show the extent of the Diverted Psychology within these words that would take one into the 'reward' domain in one's mind and within which one would access a zombified state of sitting back without ever investigating the REAL problem existent in this world.


Thus, this blog is just the beginning of Exposing the Human Nature within the Capitalistic System so that we could face what we have indirectly and directly accepted and allowed in this world and accordingly, can finally be ashamed of ourselves, enough to motivate us to stand up and correct the mass that we have created in this world. Stay tuned so that we together, could decrypt our mind and encrypt our lives according to Principles that are best for all lives. From this blog onward, I will be looking at all the Questions and Answers in the above website and share common sense perspective that would be the stepping stone of redesign an economic system that is based a Principle of Life that I best for all where the value of Life is the primary and most important value that will be protected, honoured, respected and cared for.





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