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The Dark Side of Capitalism - Poverty (Part 1) - Day 304


This is a continuation to my Previous blog where I shared how those in the favour of the Current Capitalistic System, rationalize and thus justify the abuse and harm that exists in this world.

The Equal Money Capitalism System is a system that would restore the REAL values that originally the Capitalistic System was supposed to be and accordingly, a few alignment and adjustments must be taken place in order to Correct the system to a system that is based on the Principle that the Value of Life is the Most Respected and Honoured value that exist and it is thus, the Stepping stone from which each and every single decision that would be made within an Equal Life Money System.


Let's have a look at the Principles the Current Capitalistic System is based on and how the Current Capitalistic System that Promote abuse in this world had been advertised and "sold" for us to accept and allow the system without ever questioning its validity.

For this, we will look at the Questions and Answers published on the website - Capitalism.org to show the Problems that currently exists and accordingly, present solutions to correct the Manifested consequences and the Rewards of implementing the Equal Money Capitalism System.


The Problem:

What about the poor under capitalism?

The other side of that question is: what about those who are not poor?

What of them? Let us not forget that the “rich” are people too, and they also have the right to their life, their right to liberty, and their right to their property, and their right to pursue happiness.


If one have a look at the Question and Answer, the question wasn't answered but has been diverted to make one Feel Good because after all, it is highly unlikely that the 'Poor' would read through this pages and would oppose to the manipulation tactics that has been used.


Within the answer, what one is basically stating is that, the Rich are People too and have the right for Life however, in between the words, what is implied is that the Poor can die for the Life of the rich because after all, that is the current situation under the Capitalism system or in other words: the poor may die for the Right of the Rich to Live.


While the Rich has the 'right to their life, their right to liberty, and their right to their property, and their right to pursue happiness', the poor does not because all of the above rights can be provided ONLY with Money. Wouldn't that imply that the Value of Life within the Current Capitalistic System is Equal to the Value of Money?


The Problem here is the use and abuse of Positive Psychology to make One Rationalized their Right to Life above another and in doing so, to disregard the Equal Right of all Living Being to have a life that is actually worthwhile, dignified where Happiness for Real can be Pursue as long as the Happiness is not on the expanse of the Harm of another.

Within the above answer (oh, I'm sorry - justification), there is nothing really rational about it and it is the most irrational statement where one Life is Valued more than another to justify the continuation of abused that is accepted and allowed in this world to the extent of which no one will dare to question and stand up to correct the problem.


This Answer is a perfect example of how the human consciousness has been diverted into one's own self interest bubble and I must add, it isn't even very sophisticated way I mean - this type of diversions are really easy to be spot on however, our mind is so infused into the Principle of self interest and survival that no one could actually see the ridiculous of stating such an answer to a simple question: "What about the poor under capitalism?"


I can tell you what would be the answer within and Equal Money Capitalism: the 'Poor' under the Equal money Capitalism would be existent only within the History books, to show the extent of the irrationality of our past generations that led to a massive abuse and harm in this world. It would be mentioned in the history books as a reminder for ourselves to never again accept and allow anything that is less than Life itself. There would be no Poor within the Equal Money Capitalism as the Value of Life is the most honoured value that exists and if a single Poor person exists because the system forced the poor to be poor, there is something unacceptable within the system that require quantum correction and prevention to take place.


The Solutions:

To Eradicate Poverty, one must realize that there are multidimensional Points we must consider and at this point, we do not have the exact Mathematical Equation to manifest the solution from today to tomorrow.

The General guidelines are in place and the content of the 'How-To' needs to be written after extensive research, measurement, assessments and considerations.

Overall, to eradicate Poverty what needs to be done is the following:

1. Create the foundations for each and every human being in this world to sustain a fulfilling Life. That means that one will have free access to the Earth Resources through effective distribution and revision system.

In this, Jobs will be created, Support will be provided, resources will distributed and all would be able to live from Birth till Death without worrying about the next day.

2. Education - Education is the KEY to slowly but surely acquire the necessary life skills that are required to exists within this interconnectedness reality that consists of and exists as the sum total of the relationships that created this Life from the get go. In other words - We must empower, grow and expand ourselves to be and become effective human beings in this world that would contribute according to one's ability and capability to the better living of us all. For more information with regards to the difference between the Education system within the current Capitalistic System and Education within the Equal Money System, please visit the EMS Wiki page - http://equalmoney.org/wiki/Education


The Rewards:

Imagine a life where the Fear of Survival will only be existent in the History books.. Imagine a life where one is no longer require to fight day and night to bring food on the table.. Imagine a life where you can actually be with your children and watch them grow, instead of having to be at work for 15 hours a day while others take care of your kids in the best case scenario.. Imagine a Life where you no longer afraid that someone would steal something you own because everyone will have what you have.. Imagine a life that can be actually Lived!

With the Equal Money System, you can stop imagining but instead, live the life you always dreamt of.

I mean seriously now - once you go through the Equal Money System proposal, you wouldn't believe how is it possible that we didn't think about this solution sooner. So do your research and let's work together to manifest a system that would benefit us all.


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